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“Talents Today – Leaders Tomorrow” Making a Difference Through Mentorship 

In an era where guidance and leadership are paramount to success, we are immensely proud to spotlight our mentorship initiative wit in the Support Fund for Talented High School Students “Talents Today – Leaders Tomorrow.” This program stands as a testament to the power of mentorship in fostering the next generation of leaders, especially among high school students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our aim is not just to mentor but to transform lives and communities by empowering young talents to reach their full potential.

As we move forward, our gratitude extends profoundly to all mentors who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and hearts to this noble cause. Your unwavering commitment and personal investment in the future of these young minds do not go unnoticed. Your roles as guides, advisors, and role models are crucial in navigating these talented individuals toward a brighter, more promising future.

We are honored to introduce our distinguished mentors, each a beacon of excellence in their respective fields, contributing their unique expertise and insights:

  • Angela BUSHESKA, an Engineering Student, Social Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker, who also stands as a proud former beneficiary of the “Talents Today – Leaders Tomorrow” Scholarship Program. Angela’s journey from scholarship recipient to mentor embodies the program’s cycle of empowerment and giving back.
  • Daniel CUNNINGHAM, an esteemed Instructional Designer, Public Speaker, and Learning and Development Consultant, whose innovative approaches in education are shaping the learning experiences of our mentees.
  • Zehra KJUFLIJU, a dedicated Program Associate at the International Republican Institute (IRI), who passionately advocates for environmental and social causes, enriching our program with her global perspective and commitment to change.
  • Ivana NIKOLIKJ, a trailblazer as a Business Development Executive at IWConnect and a celebrated Forbes Councils Official Member. Ivana brings a wealth of knowledge in tech, leadership, and innovation.
  • Mаја CHANAKJEVIKJ, an English Horn soloist and oboe player with the National Philharmonic Orchestra, whose artistic brilliance and dedication inspire creativity and excellence.
  • Mitko ANDONOV, a visionary entrepreneur and owner of Eon Eden marketing and strategy, providing invaluable insights into marketing, business planning, and e-commerce.
  • Nela JOLESKA, the CEO of Genuine Dynamics, whose expertise in emotional intelligence and performance management is transforming leadership paradigms.
  • Nena MANCHEV, the Head of Education and Leadership Programs at Macedonia2025, guiding our educational strategies with her profound experience and commitment to leadership development.
  • Slavica TASEVA, a Founder of Resources & Solutions, whose expertise as a Career Coach, Trainer, and HR & KPI Consultant is invaluable to our mentors and mentees alike.
  • Tiana SKENDEROVSKA POLENAKOVIKJ, with her MS in Industrial Engineering and Management, brings a unique blend of experience from the automotive and software industries, enriching our program’s diversity.

Through your generous support and mentorship, you are not only shaping futures but also empowering young minds across Macedonia. Your dedication is nurturing potential, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow, and creating a legacy of leadership and hope.

We extend our deepest thanks for your commitment to mentoring and for being pillars of support and inspiration for our scholarship recipients. Your impact is immeasurable, and together, we are indeed making a difference.

Together, we are nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

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Open call for scholarships for the OHRID HI-TECH EXCELLENCE CAMP 2024




Application Deadline: 31.03.2024

Macedonia2025 is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to building strong partnerships and linkages worldwide and working together towards building a stronger nation. We represent a platform for all Macedonians around the globe to unite and join our efforts in supporting the economic and democratic growth of Macedonia.

Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp provides an opportunity for youths of Macedonian origin to further their knowledge in coding and robotics. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with their roots and network with Macedonians from all over the world, in an inspiring environment by the Ohrid Lake.

Macedonia2025 announces an Open Call for Scholarships for the fourth Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp, which will take placein Ohrid, North Macedoniaon July 7-13, 2024.

Ohrid High-Tech Excellence Camp combines traditional summer fun with an exclusive opportunity to develop and practice coding, STEM, and robotics skills with peers from all over the world. Based on the specially designed STEM curriculum of the Israeli license for STEM international programs presented in over 50 countries in the world “Young Engineers” through an official representative within the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia “Young Engineers Skopje Macedonia”, children will be introduced to an interdisciplinary approach of learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with use of LEGO bricks. Furthermore, the participants will learn how to program and use the FABLE components.    Participants will be challenged to innovative thinking, will need to identify a problem that people face and propose a solution through the creation of an innovative project and the presentation of the basic human skills that are necessary for the achievement of a common goal by a group of different people who need to show mutual respect and care. These aims will be achieved through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations as challenges on which participants will work together and will learn to try and not give up, to be the next generation of leaders and innovators, tackling the world’s most difficult challenges. This year (2023 – 2024), the theme of the FIRST® LEGO® League, the Educational Robotics Competition is the creative fusion of art and technology in the process of creating a Masterpiece (MASTERPIECE challenge), by finding unique solutions to real-life challenges and better communication around the world.

This Camp is also an opportunity to establish friendships, strengthen and build on native Macedonian culture, explore local nature and our cultural heritage, and experience Macedonian cuisine and specialties. 

Key Benefits

– Improve high-tech skills (coding, programming, and robotics);

– Promote greater enrollment of youth, and especially young women, from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics);

– Establish connections and networks among young Macedonians living in Macedonia and young diaspora members, and support cross-cultural exchanges between them;

– Establish and strengthen the connection of young diaspora members with their homeland, developing their sense of giving back to our homeland/community; and

– Interact with some of the top leaders in the country and top business leaders from the country and/or abroad.

Program Content

This weeklong camp will consist of both theoretical and practical sessions that teach medium/advanced coding and robotics skills.

The training sessions will take place over the course of 5 working days (4 hours/per day). The rest of the day will be filled in with organized activities, such as cultural events, socialization, field trips to local sights, beaches, and sightseeing. Supervisors, lecturers, or volunteer chaperones, will accompany participants at all times.

Participants will be equipped with the following:

  • Interdisciplinary skills in STEM – basic and advanced STEM principles, coding, and robotics, by internationally licensed Young Engineers / Robotics & Innovation Academy;
  • Skills and abilities necessary for the 21st century, such as: Programming languages; Science and Engineering; Problem-, product-, project-based learning; Teamwork; Core leadership values; Outside the box thinking; Critical thinking; Creative thinking; Problem-solving;
  • Becoming Generations of Global Citizens who realize their power to build a better future with the use of technology

The program delivery will focus on modern, highly effective teaching and learning methods. The program curriculum will be delivered by certificated STEM lecturers. Participants will work in groups or in pairs to complete a customized project. Participants will work with exclusively available know-how for innovative learning based on a strategic plan and educational system supported by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, iCarnegie at Carnegie Mellon University, and New York State Education Department, awarded by the British Ministry of Education.

Besides the core activities of the Camp, Macedonia2025 will enrich the Program with:

●      How-those-it-works in practice: visit of an international company from authomobile industry where participants will gained insights into the highly complex and robotized production process;

●      Motivational discussions with members of the Macedonia2025 Board of Directors, with rich professional experiences and high competencies in computer science and engineering, passion for technology, and an entrepreneurial mind.

The Cultural Socialization and Networking will be comprised of the:

●      Orientation and team-building activities;

●      Networking with youths from different countries, engaging in cross-cultural learning experiences, exchanging ideas, and building networks for future international cooperation;

●      Public speaking activities that will enrich communication and increase the presentation skills of participants, as well as their creative and critical thinking;

●      Improving foreign language competencies (English/Macedonian);

●      Cultural activities and programs in partnership with the largest national music and arts festival, “Ohridsko Leto”.

Date and Location

Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp will take place on July 7-13, 2024 in Ohrid, North Macedonia. The venue (a 3+ star hotel facility) will be announced in due time.

Language of instruction

The official language of instruction is English. However, we highly encourage the use of the Macedonian language in communication outside of the classroom.


●      Students aged 11-15, who are interested in deepening their knowledge in the fields of coding and robotics

●      Macedonian students and those of Macedonian origin from the diaspora

●      Adequate knowledge of the English and Macedonian languages is appreciated

●      Basic knowledge of Coding, Programming and Robotics

●      Preference will be given to young individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 


To apply, you need to submit a completed application (HERE) and Parent consent form (MK and EN) on the Macedonia2025 E-scholarship Platform (HERE).

The instructions and clarification for required documentation for scholarships for OHRID HI-TECH EXCELLENCE CAMP 2024 are available on the E-scholarship Platform (bottom left corner) 

Up to 20 candidates will be selected through the following selection process:

●      Administrative pre-selection of the applications by Macedonia2025

●      Selection of successful candidates by a Selection Committee

●      The selection committee will have a personal interview with the potential candidates

●      Selected candidates from the diaspora will be notified by April 2024, while candidates coming from Macedonia will be selected by May, 2024.

Note: Gender, ethnicity, and participation from different countries and regions in Macedonia will be taken into account when creating a diversified group of participants.

Participant’s fee

The scholarship fully covers all costs for the Camp.

The Camp scholarship covers classes, camp set of materials, FB accommodation, excursions, and transport costs.

As a sense of responsibility and giving back to your parent’s homeland opportunity awaits prospective participants from the diaspora: contribute a specified amount to sponsor the participation of a friend from a socially vulnerable family in Macedonia.  

Note: The organizers reserve the right to provide partial scholarships, based on individual socio-economic background. The organizers will provide for the participant’s travel arrangements from Skopje to Ohrid.

Partner organizations

●      MASIT – The Macedonian Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies, represented by their member companies: Brainster and ISourse

●      Young Engineers e² Young Engineers – Skopje, Macedonia   Young Engineers – Homepage

●      Robotics & Innovation Academy

●      Ohridsko Leto – Cultural program partner

Important Notice

Certificates for successful completion of the program will be awarded to all participants.

As our beneficiaries, you are invited to be involved in Macedonia2025’s programs and activities in the future.

After program completion, beneficiaries are required to complete a satisfaction survey and submit testimonials.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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Macedonia2025 received third place in the PEOPLE-FIRST ECONOMY INITIATIVE category at the 2023 Future of Emerging Europe Summit and Awards held in Brussels

The work of more than 60 NGOs, businesses and individuals from across Central and Eastern Europe “Grasping the chance to lead!” was recognized in Brussels on November 8 at the 2023 Future of Emerging Europe Summit and Awards, the sixth edition of a program that highlights best practice, innovation and courage across the region.

The winners, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership, Peace), were selected through a global vote by the Emerging Europe community, with over 23,000 votes cast for nominees.

Emerging Europe awarded Macedonia2025 with a certificate of recognition for enhancing the coding and robotics skills of underprivileged Macedonian youth (Ohrid High Tech Excellence Camp), receiving third place in the PEOPLE-FIRST ECONOMY INITIATIVE category. This category was intended for organizations operating in emerging Europe that implemented successful projects and initiatives aiming at closing the urban-rural development and income divide, contributing to the future of the labor market; and building conscious capitalism.

Nena Manchev, representing Macedonia2025, received the award at the Summit & Award ceremony in Brussels, earning applause for the organization’s dedication.

Furthermore, our CEO Nikica Mojsoska Blazhevski was awarded a certificate of recognition for being an ARCHITECT OF TOMORROW NORTH MACEDONIA, among a group consisting of 28 exceptional individuals — one for each country of Emerging Europe and Central Asia. A comprehensive article summarizing the awards ceremony is available at Recognising emerging Europe’s champions – Emerging Europe (

These honors serve as inspiration for Macedonia2025 to continue its mission of paving a brighter and more prosperous path for all. The organization remains committed to building a people-first economy and empowering the next generation of STEM leaders.