Macedonia2025 is a non-profit, non-political organization with primary focus on economic and leadership development, working in partnership with business, government and academia to generate opportunities and build capacities for economic growth, therefore helping build a stronger nation.

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Digital Platform Companies: The Business Model of the Future?

Technological innovations and artificial intelligence are disrupting the social, economic and business activities, thus affecting the overall structure of the economy as we know it. Digitalization is creating new opportunities and a growing number of firms are functioning beyond the traditional models and boundaries. A new type of ‘platform business model’ has emerged, utilizing online…

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Air Pollution in Macedonia: The Growing Health and Economic Threat

Introduction Air pollution is a global phenomenon that has reached concerning levels, especially in low and middle-income economies, in the past decade. There are numerous reasons behind the raising levels of air pollution, a lot of them not well understood. Some of the most frequently cited reasons are the burning of biomass (i.e. wood, coal…

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