Advisory Board Outline


Areas of Work

Macedonia2025’s Advisory Board is a body consisting of world-leading experts that collaborate with Macedonia2025 to help make our country’s economy, society, and quality of life better.The Advisory Board provides expert guidance, recommendations, analysis, quality assurance, access to funding, and research for Macedonia2025. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Acting as an ambassador-at-large for Macedonia2025 and Macedonia
  • Providing ad-hoc pro-bono consultancy
  • Providing assistance to Macedonian companies
  • Mentoring and coaching Macedonian business professionals
  • Mentoring and coaching young talents
  • Connecting Macedonia2025 with potential donors and experts
  • Serving on project steering committees
  • Serving on Board of Directors Committees
  • Providing us with opinion pieces on relevant topics for our quarterly research newsletter
  • Providing guidance and feedback on research, policy papers, strategy, and events
  • Providing business and academic contacts

Level of Involvement

The frequency of contact is focused around specific programs and activities. As Macedonia2025 programs and activities are executed, individual members are invited to join virtual teams. Members are invited according to their interest and expertise.

Besides the invitations to certain projects, the Advisory Board members are invited to Board of Directors Meetings, where the Board Members and the Advisory Board can exchange ideas and share experiences on Macedonia2025’s activities.

Furthermore, we value any feedback on our existing programs from our Advisory Board, and welcome new ideas for initiatives. By default, Advisory Board members are invited to participate and shape the Macedonia2025 Summit.

Advisory Board Members are listed on our website along with their areas of expertise.

There is a minimum annual fee associated to Advisory Board membership. For further details, please contact Galena Cunningham at


The Advisory Board is a prestigious group. Members are leading experts in their field or sector of business. They have qualifications from world-renowned institutions or have business experience with leading or pioneering companies. Their qualifications include (and are not limited to):

  • At least a MSc Degree or demonstration that you have built/led successful business (accepted in lieu of degree)
  • 10+ years of relevant industry experience in a C(x)O position
  • International experience gained through operating across-countries;
  • International reputation, or work at the forefront of their industry;
  • Providing us with opinion pieces on relevant topics for our quarterly research newsletter
  • There are two ways to join the Macedonia2025 Advisory Board:

1) A prospective member can be nominated by Advisory Board/Board Members/CEO, or

2) A prospective member can fill out the application form available upon request, which is then reviewed by a Board Committee.

Any final decision about granting a membership is at the discretion of Macedonia2025.

General Code of Conduct

As a condition for membership, the following actions are prohibited, unless express prior permission is obtained in writing from the Executive Director of Macedonia2025. Failure to abide by these conditions may result in the suspension or termination of membership, which may include a notice posted to our website. Macedonia2025 will take any abuse or misuse of its name and reputation very seriously.

  • No member will use Macedonia2025’ name and brand in any political content or event;
  • No member will use Macedonia2025’ name and brand for commercial purposes or promoting other organizations and causes;
  • No member will communicate or imply that they are an official representative or spokesperson for Macedonia2025;
  • No member will do interviews, public showing or any other type of promotional manner in the name of Macedonia2025 without previous approval;
  • No member will disclose any confidential information or any internal correspondence to the public;
  • No member will arrange meetings, events or any other type of activities using the name of brand of Macedonia2025 unless Macedonia2025 staff are directly involved in organizing the event and the event has been approved by Macedonia2025;
  • In addition, if any member is found guilty of criminal activity or corruption, their membership will be immediately terminated. Members are free to cite their Macedonia2025 membership on their CVs and to discuss their involvement with Macedonia2025 so long as it does not breach any of the conditions above.