Macedonia2025 Networking Event in NJ, USA 

You are cordially invited to join Macedonia2025’ networking event, happening on October 14th, 2022 at 18:30 ET. Macedonia2025 is driven by a strong vision for Macedonia to become the leading economy and most prosperous country in the region. We shape Macedonia’s future by promoting sustainable economic growth that will improve opportunities for citizens, companies, and…

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LIDIJA BUNDALESKA, The Executive Education Experience at Northwestern Kellogg

Kellogg EDP program was an extraordinary experience. Studying and exchanging knowledge and experience in the sophisticated environment of Nonwestern University on the bank of Lake Michigan was an additional inspiration. Kellogg School of Management composed a strategically focused Executive Development Program, designed and led by inspiring interdisciplinary professors, researchers, consultants, and experienced practitioners. Both parts of the program, online and in-person, were…

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