My name is Angela Dragan and I am 16 years old. I was born in Veles, where I still reside. I started my education in the elementary school “Vasil Glavinov” in my city, where I gained quality knowledge. Thanks to the wonderful professors who surrounded me and supported me every day, I was firmly determined that my talent was hidden in mathematics. Further,  my current education is in the High School “Kocho Racin” in Veles. Apart from mathematics, what fulfills me is writing essays and participating in communicative competitions. I am involved in preserving the tradition and heritage of our country. In fact, I have been attending folklore dance classes since I was six years old and I have proudly represented our country around the world for years.

Success Story

From an early age, I competed in the fields of mathematics, applied mathematics, informatics, and natural sciences. When it comes to awards, I will single out the “Kangaroo” math competition where I finished in the top ten at age 8. Also, in primary school every year I participated in the Municipal and Regional competition in mathematics organized by the Union of Mathematicians of the Republic of Macedonia and I always finished in first place. The awards varied, sometimes first, sometimes second or third place, but for me, they were a great experience and upgrade of knowledge in that area. I will remember the last year of primary education because I suddenly entered the “Competition of young technicians and naturalists” in the field of Applied Mathematics, and to my great satisfaction I finished second. In 2017, I gained an International level certification in the field of informatics, which was an incentive for me to think about what if my future profession and further education is a symbiosis between mathematics and informatics. Prizes in writing essays, compositions, poems on various topics were also common in primary education. To my great satisfaction, I received first placе for the best essay written in French. In the field of writing, an essay that I can single out was on the topic “The simplest life pleasures are the greatest joys” in English. I also proved myself as an actor in our school play titled “A Piece of Tortured Land – Former Samuel Empire”. The desire to work in a group dates back to my primary education and it is something that fulfills me. I could single out a certificate for teamwork where my team and I were part of a 3-day project on “Building Bridges”.

And finally came secondary education. I just finished the second year of my education at the High School “Kocho Racin” in Veles . The determination that my education is a symbiosis of mathematics and computer science helped me to choose the direction in high school easier, so I study Natural Sciences and Mathematics. In the first year, I successfully participated in the European Money Quiz with previous qualifications at the municipal, local and state level – for me a great experience. This past year I participated in many literary competitions on various topics, but I would like to single out the first prize in English on the topic “Mothers through history”. I also finished third in the Municipal and received a certificate of successful participation in the Regional Mathematics Competition. Thanks to the achievements, I finished the school year with the participation of Erasmus + project entitled “Mystery lies in the QR codes” which due to the pandemic was online but still successfully realized by students from our school and students from Romania, Turkey and Poland. Immediately after the end of the school year, I participated in another project organized by Erasmus + and the Youthpass program.

I am still undecided about my future plans, but as I said, computer science and engineering are areas in which my future profession lies. Like everyone else, I would like to study at one of the prestigious faculties around the world, but if that does not work, I want to continue my education at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering in Skopje.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

I have a great desire to study abroad. Immediately after graduation, I will selflessly return with my quality knowledge to do something for our society. To transfer my knowledge to people who will not have the opportunity to study abroad, I would be very happy if I became a professor at some of our faculties and teach young people that the point of life is not to be away from family. I would like to thank Macedonia2025, an organization which, in this really difficult time, gave me great motivation and incentive to continue to achieve my dreams. It is a great honor to be part of this family. The connection with Macedonia 2025 helps me to get the things that attract me. Let this be just the beginning of my book entitled Life, cheers for the new experiences!



My name is Angela Busheska, I am 18 years old and I come from Struga. Back at primary school, taking part in local and national competitions in maths, physics and biology enabled me to secure a scholarship at the private Yahya Kemal College in Struga, where I am currently in my senior year. Being part of the science curriculum enabled me not only to advance my skills, but also experience some life-altering achievements.

Success Story

The story that completely changed my mindset started along with my high school education. Entering the math team as a student who took the last place on the 9th grade math national Olympiad was an incredible journey, which made me realize that math is not a talent, but determination and hard work. Lucky enough to be a classmate with a math champion, motivation was in my veins, and I was getting stronger and stronger. I transformed myself into a person who woke up at 5 am and analyzed a geometry problem for more than 8 hours, chasing angles while chasing dreams. As a result, I managed to become second-best national math winner, while achieving a lot of awards on the International Geometry Olympiad, Mediterranean Olympiad, Mathematics without Borders tournaments, Macedonian Math Olympiad, but the greatest award is my habit to stay still, focused, concentrated and never give up. Each problem has its own solution, and our mission is to find it! I wanted to share my knowledge, so I became an Olympiad Math Tutor on sophomores and juniors.

Moreover,  maths helped me decide that I not only want to solve questions on paper, but also in real life. I managed to perform my first research in my freshman year of high school. The research was focused on making a more sustainable model of a city, addressing the greatest problem, such as the usage of electricity and water shortage. “Environment-Friendly Smart City” brought me a bronze medal on the International Genius Olympiad, held in Oswego, USA, as well as a gold medal on the UNIPO Olympiad. My journey didn’t stop there. Inspired by the catastrophic phenomenon of oil spills that took place in Piraeus, Greece, I started a research project on finding a natural sorbent for the oil that won’t cause additional harm. Performing over 260 experiments with different materials and various conditions, my second research project was Ultimate Winner at Ekonova 2018, as well as gold medalist at iCAN-Canada and a finalist at EuroInvent.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to become a part of the Junior Academy held by the New York Academy of Sciences. Together with my teammates, I took part in the Aerospace Challenge, in which we had to design a more feasible airplane called “Airliner of the Future”. Working on Morphing Wings and Heat Engine, we managed to be placed as finalists and present our poster at the New York Academy of Science Summit. Furthermore, I took part in the EdTech Challenge, in which I designed software to make education in Indonesia more accessible. Apart from my science part, I really enjoy sharing my voice with people and motivate them. Being a bullied kid in primary school, last year I established a TED Talk which is a small reminder for everyone to love themselves and handle intimidation in an optimistic way. Moreover, being a part of the school debate club, I was among the top 5 debaters in North Macedonia, winning the first place as a Debate Team on World Scholar’s Cup in 2017.

To combine my love for research and presentation, for the first time ever, I established a team from North Macedonia on the International Youth Physicists Tournament, where we won the first place in the category of first-time arriving countries. Moreover, I presented my project “Successful Method of Junkyard Physics” on two international Physics conferences, where I was one of the youngest participants. Even though the future is the greatest enigma and the most important mystery in our lives, I am looking forward to seeing myself as a successful engineer and scientist, tackling the world’s greatest challenges and inspiring many people along the way.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to Homeland

I am an optimistic person, who believes that as long as we are alive, we have a choice and we have a way out. Inspired by one successful entrepreneur, I founded a non-profit organization “Empower The Youth”, which has the aim to inspire young people, make them aware of their possibilities, but also help people in finding food. Its mission is to reduce the number of people going hungry to bed, as well as making young people more committed and motivating them to fight for their dreams.

Coding for more than 5 months, I established an android application where people can easily engage in a system of sharing food and knowledge. Enlarging my non-profit organization would be a key to help my country in the next years. Moreover, through developing my research skills, my goal is to find a solution for the enormous pollution, as well as developing a robot that would enable people to drive more carefully, thus reducing the number of accidents. As mentioned at the Summit, either right or left, I am thriving to continue up and green!



My name is David Atanasoski. I am 18 years old curious student from Prilep. For the past four years, I went to vocational high school studying informatics and automation, which was part of my journey of becoming a disciplined student who is passionate about tech, robotics, and programming. During high school, I have taken part in numerous competitions in the field of robotics and won top awards. Besides my formal education, I have also attended a programming course at a very good academy in my city, where I learned many things that will be much needed for becoming a future engineer.

Success story

Everything started back in primary school when I was 6th grade and my teacher introduced me to electronics by teaching me how to solder. From that moment on, because of my consistency and passion, I have managed to learn a lot and work on different projects – of course, there is more to come!

From a kid that knows how to solder and play with transistors, entering the high school world completely changed me – in a positive way. I have started being curious about things I did not know existed before or I haven’t paid attention enough to, such as programming. Since then I have started actively learning to program. During my years of being a high school student, I have successfully implemented my knowledge by creating robots that have a true purpose in the real world. An example of this is my last project, which is a self-driving car that can move and navigate autonomously in the real world. With this project, I have received top awards in robotics (‘Narodna Tehnika’) on a national level and have won first place on a national level among all tech vocational high schools in our country. For me, this was a genuine reward for my work because I have spent a lot of time learning and developing skills to create this kind of robot, which has a real purpose and will be useful in our everyday lives in the future. Besides this robot, I have also been working on a facial recognition project, which can distinguish different faces and is capable of making decisions on its own.

As I finished my high school now, I don’t want to stop educating myself, thus I’m going to continue my education at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, which I think is the perfect match for me.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

Frankly speaking, I think I haven’t made any significant impact on my community until now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do so. My plans for the future are to create something that will help others, something useful that will make everybody’s life easier. I’m moving forward to make that happen. Finally, I am also aware progress takes time and it can’t happen overnight, just as the famous quote goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. 



My name is Filip Jovanov, I’m 17 and I come from Veles.  I started my education at the Primary School “Blaže Koneski” in Veles, where I gained my solid knowledge foundations. Ever since I was demonstrating a huge interest in math and science, so I started participating in a lot of competitions. Afterward, I enrolled at the Gymnasium “Kočo Racin” here in my hometown, where I continued my secondary education, currently being in the second year of studies. Moreover, I have been also actively playing volleyball, since I was 8 years old.

Success Story

My success story dates back early to my primary education, where I was competing in math, chemistry, and biology, winning numerous awards. Those awards motivated me to continue my secondary education in the Gymnasium “Orce Nikolov” in Skopje – known as one of the best gymnasiums in our country. As soon as I was accepted in “Orce Nikolov”, something unexpected happened – I was rejected from the state boarding school for the reason that a gymnasium of that kind already existed in my hometown. To be honest, I was a little disappointed, but also motivated! I enrolled at the Gymnasium “Kocho Racin” and continued to compete and be motivated like never before. In the first year, I won a second prize at the regional math competition and I participated in the national one, too. I also participated in a chemistry competition on a national level. In April last year, together with my teammates, I participated in the World Scholar’s Cup in Strumica, where I won 4 medals (3 gold medals and 1 silver). In addition, together with a teammate, I participated in the European Money Quiz, where we won the 13th place, out of 142 teams competing. Last year, all these awards lead to me being selected as the best student in the class. On another note, this year began with winning one volleyball award as well. In December I was awarded the Best Young Athlete of the Municipality of Veles, and my team was selected as the third Best Young Team. Of course, I continued with the science competitions, but more in the field of physics. I won the second prize in a local competition in physics, third prize in a local and regional competition in math, and the first prize in a local competition in chemistry, which lead me to national qualifications. Unfortunately, they were temporarily stopped as a result of Covid-19. Thanks to my achievements I was chosen for an Erasmus+ exchange. The project was titled “Solving Medical Mysteries with Mathematics”, but unfortunately it was also halted. During the quarantine, I found a new hobby – making infographics. I created one for the needs of my school, which the professors liked a lot. So maybe, my future plans will be connected with the IT sector. Why not?

Macedonia 2025/ Giving Back to Homeland

I’m a person who believes that everything in life happens for a reason. The only thing I don’t understand is people’s terrible need to pollute the environment. Nevertheless, there are also those who care about it and are here to remind others that trashcans are made for a reason. Because of the first category of people, this year I decided to be part of the Macedonian Working Brigade, which existed since my grandfather’s time. The mission of the brigade is to protect the environment through various environmental actions. Thanks to this actions, I made new friends all over the country. We all share the same goal, continuing the tradition of our grandparents, but above all, living in a clean environment. Another similar activity I was involved in, was the project organized by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development called “Challenge for Young Researches”. The aim of this project is to encourage creative thinking among young people and support research projects based on a scientific method. My teammates and I had wonderful ideas that unfortunately did not materialize because of the current pandemic crisis.



My name is Angela Zdravkovska. I am 21 years old and I come from Skopje. I spent my first three years of high school in Petta Privatna Gimnazija under FON University, where I held a fully-funded scholarship. After its closing, I finished my high school education as a student in Rade Jovcevski-Korcagin. I am currently in my third year of bachelor studies pursuing Pure Mathematics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in my hometown.

Success Story

I’ve always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. When I was only four years old, my father brought me a first-grade textbook he had found on his way back from work. I’d soon learned the alphabet and taught myself how to read. From then onwards begin my memories of absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Throughout primary, I stayed on top of my generation. My greater interests were poetry, art, and mathematics. I went to every competition and event I had the chance to participate in. Thus I have more than 30 certificates and diplomas on regional and national level, 13 of which are in mathematics, the most important one being second prize in the National Math Competition. In my final year, I actively participated in the 2012 ACES (Academy of Central European Schools) initiated by ERSTE Foundation, opened with the kick-off meeting in Laško, Slovenia which I attended as my school’s representative.

My pro-activity helped me get a full scholarship in the private high school Petta Privatna Gimnazija in Skopje. By then, I was already more inclined towards mathematics. As a very emotional and turbulent person by nature, but also strong-willed and determined, I was getting more and more drawn to how engaging and grounding solving problems felt. Growing agitated by a tough one, tackling it until I’d conquer it-math problems became an addictive source of adrenaline for me. Even more so when I won second prize at the National Mathematics Competition in my first year of high school and classified for the Macedonian Mathematical Olympiad for the first time…only to get zero out of 40 points there. It felt like being thrown off a cliff, into reality-there was a huge gap between me and a medal. A gap that was to be overcome by hard work only. I made it my goal to solve at least one problem on MMO and win a medal by the end of high school.

With baby steps over the next three years, I accomplished it. I won a bronze medal in my final year. Along my journey with math back then, I could not abandon my great passion for music and art. I was never essentially talented in any of them, but I worked silently whenever I got the chance to. I submitted a comic on a contest in Skopje, but that attempt was unsuccessful. I’d also always wanted to play an instrument but my family could not afford it so alongside my high school scholarship I got a part-time job during the summer breaks. With the money, I purchased a guitar and started taking lessons. I’ve also been covering my own expenses ever since.

I entered university as second on the list of top ten freshman students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, first from the Department of Mathematics. As such, I was freed from tuition in my first year which I finished with the highest GPA in my generation. I haven’t really had the chance to compete in my area in the past three years. Instead, I’ve been focusing on projects in interdisciplinary areas. In late 2018-early 2019 I did an internship in Intertec in Skopje where I learned coding and Natural Language Processing in Python from scratch. I worked on solving a problem for the company with machine learning. Even though I was not able to succeed, I presented a dummy solution at the end. I can’t say that I am satisfied, but considering my inexperience in such an area I’ve come to the conclusion it was a realistic outcome. Nevertheless, it was an experience that helped me grow a lot. Moving on, I was part of one of the winning teams during the hackathon Rethink Creative Marathon 2019 organized by Solveo. Our team came up with an application as a strategic solution that helps increase the number of customers in retail stores using collected digital data. Throughout the competition, I took notice of some leadership potential in myself.

In these past few years, I have also developed an interest in mentoring so in my spare time I’ve helped a few high school students individually as a tutor. I believe the educational system does not do justice to the beautiful language of nature that is mathematics, so transmitting my love and knowledge of it to young people brings me joy. I have also been doing art for myself the whole time, I had done a few commissioned acrylic paintings in the past two years and recently one more, so I am looking forward to doing more of them.

One more thing I am excited about is the upcoming  Student Conference of young Artists and Scientists planned to be held in October this year, where I intend on presenting my first research paper.

Macedonia2025/Giving Back to the Homeland

As I grow both academically and as a person, my interests are coming together to enrich one another. I want to integrate them and leave an authentic footprint into the cultural progress of my country. Deeply motivated by my family heritage, especially my Mijak ancestry from my mother’s side, I’ve come to realize our country possesses such cultural gems and places that deserve to be preserved and shared with the world. On the other hand, I am inspired by the creativity and strong sense of justice that my siblings, my friends and peers- young people are showcasing. In that, I believe, lies the power of the new generations.

And I am convinced that we can all learn from each other and move forward all together, at our own pace. Which is exactly why I want to succeed in my own country. My goal, for now, is starting a family business in the hospitality industry.



My name is Marko, Marko Ingjilizov. My hometown is Veles, probably my favorite town. I’m 16 and I study at the Kocho Racin Gymnasium in Veles. In my opinion, learning is a challenge, because with every single day we are exposed to a variety of information, thus we have to select, remember, and use them. My past showed me many positive things about both the physical sciences and humanities. In fact, my area of study is humanities, but I believe that everyone who is learning them needs to have a wide knowledge of physical sciences. A combination of both gives us the perfect image of the status quo in our society, which we have to improve with all possible resources.

Success Story

I have practice not to speak about my personal achievements, because of ethical reasons, but I think it is reasonable to write about it here, just to come closer to the audience since most of them don’t know me. I’ve spoken loudly and clearly about all the challenges that we face in our society from an early age. Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have, it’s one of my mottos. In my elementary school, I had many competitions, mostly in physical sciences, such as physics, geography, chemistry, biology, mathematics, but I also took part in language competitions. Now, at my high school, I put my focus on my primary interests.  Debate, law, economics, public speaking, and philosophy – my current occupations. At this point when I have to pick one of my highest awards, I assume that would be the second place in the competition European Money Quiz, where my partner, Viktorija, and I represented Macedonia together with 28 other countries. Despite this, I will mention again that awards are only one mark of success; the story is written by a person with their appearance, and above all, their humanity. In terms of my future plans – I think very carefully and I consider all of the aspects. This is one of my characteristics – I don’t make quick decisions, I want everything to be checked-up. I want to study abroad, but undoubtedly I want to transfer all of the knowledge here, in my homeland. As a result, I will make that change that I promised to – to make this country a better place to live, because this country gave me the opportunity to be the person I dreamed of, and on which I am proud of.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

Macedonia2025 and I is a rightful combination. I connected with this organization that is such a wonderful place to share my opinions with and improve my way of thinking. It is a great honor to invest and to work with the members of the organization because they are the future. Economic improvement and leadership development form a young person and an entire society. It is very inspiring that Macedonia2025 focuses on different areas the most important of which is repaying/returning our homeland. The situation in our country is very clear. We were tested several times in the past where we demonstrated our strength, perseverance, and ability. Everyone has to accept that we won’t get better with words and demagogy, but with real steps instead. We need to pave our path in the best possible way, for future generations. The sooner we understand, the sooner we will succeed.



I am Martin Dinev. I’m 19 years old and I am a student at FINKI (Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering), where I started my first year of studies in October of 2019. I studied 4 years in the vocational high school SOU “Nikola Karev” in Strumica, where I studied to become an electrical technician. I’m from Pirava, a village close to Valandovo, where in a family of 5 I was raised by my parents, who were full time farmers, and my two older sisters. The desire to make my family proud, and the incredible teachers at my high school, were a motivational boost that shaped my future.

Success Story

The choice for enrolling in a vocational high school was a life decision that I’m happiest with. There I met so many excellent teachers whose involvement and dedication in our education was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. They sought to bring out our talents and they offered us the help we needed to achieve our accomplishments. In just a few months, I took part in my first Olympiad – the Experimental Physics Olympiad – where I placed first in the freshmen category, winning my first ever gold medal. It was this Olympiad that started my high school competitions journey, from my first time participating in national mathematics and informatics competitions, to being qualified for competing on international levels after just one year of progress.

What I have experienced in high school helped me realize the importance of having both a great drive for success, passion in what you are doing, as well as having the right direction and the teachers to show you how to achieve success as efficiently as possible. I would often find myself thinking about how everything could have been different, if only I were given these opportunities during my primary school education. But a great message would have me say “Don’t be disappointed, be motivated, be proactive”. My motivation was fueled when in my second year of high school, I found out about “The School Of The Future”. That’s a school that was created with a goal of preparing students for competitions. Amazingly, the creators were just students. Students with a desire to share their knowledge and learn more through teaching.

Thanks to the MIT student Kliment Serafimov, who provided me with a full scholarship to attend the school, and my own high school “Nikola Karev”, that supported me in moving to the capital city so that I can attend the classes, I was able to experience and enjoy being among students who share the same passion for problem solving as I did. My takeaway message was the seed of an idea, that I can too help in making education more accessible.

As just a high school student, I continued with my focus on preparing myself for the international Olympiads, in which I have participated 10 times, having the opportunities to visit Romania, Spain, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Japan and other countries. Coming from a farmer’s family, there were financial challenges that as a child I did not expect to experience. But nonetheless I was still able to attend all of my Olympiad events thanks to the great support that I got. First, from my family to whom I can’t be more thankful to; my high school, that I hope I’ve made proud; and Valandovo’s municipality, that even awarded me the “November 6” award of 2018 for the affirmation of the municipality in the field of education. Their support also included the technology that I used as a programmer through high school and helped me in my training for the Olympiads.

And thanks to the Computer Science Society of Macedonia I was introduced to Macedonia2025. I’ve been part of the Macedonia2025 talented students support initiative since its very beginning, which was in my last year of high school. At the time I was working on my first ever educational project, under mentorship of my friend Kliment Serafimov, the educational website Karel. Karel is a platform for young students to familiarize themselves with coding, but also with the world of problem solving. And thanks to the support of the wonderful people from Macedonia2025, I was able to present my work on the international event Infomatrix, where it was awarded a silver medal amongst projects by students from 46 countries.

Upon my first year as a university student, I knew that the key to success is working hard. With this in mind I started with giving regular weekly lessons to younger students who were preparing for competitive programming; I participated in the Generation Unlimited event for developing digital solutions for inclusion; I took extra credits at university; I started a part-time internship; I participated in and won first place at the student’s competitive programing event CodeFu; and so much more. I will continue working hard to finish university with a perfect GPA, but more importantly, with an experience that will make everyone who supported me proud.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

Every experience that we go through as students is necessary for our later development; an uncertainty for career choice could only help us understand our working identities. I am fulfilled when I teach other students, I am fulfilled when I make new friends, I am fulfilled to know that I have the support to do that. Everything in life is a story, and as students we have the greatest opportunities to make our stories something worth writing about.



Hey hello! I am David Lazaroski, a second-year student at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering – FINKI in Skopje. I am 20 years old and I was raised in my hometown Prilep with a very rich and successful career in the field of education and science. As a child I had a lot of playful activities in my daily life, I trained karate for 6 years, basketball for 2 years and in my free time, I created a project that was mainly in the field of technology (circuit, some fun games, some handmade mechanism…).

Success Story

The beginning of my primary education was somehow disorganized and unproductive for me because in my close family I do not have people who have completed higher education and none of them know how to swim in those waters. So it was quite difficult for me to organize myself in learning. But that only lasted until I found my first mentor with whom my career took on a different meaning. I was already in the fifth grade when the teacher of technical education – Branko Babanoski – determined my life path and, of course, that path led me to my first success. From a student who did not show any significant interest in studying in the fifth grade, I became a state champion in the field of informatics. At that moment, my idea for ​​my future and career became clear and it was SUCCESS, SUCCESS, and ONLY SUCCESS. I have been a nine-time state champion in robotics, automation, programming, and informatics. My GPA was 5.00 up to 8th grade, I was successful in many areas. When I was already on the threshold of a semi-graduate, I was elected valedictorian in the elementary school “Blaze Koneski” – Prilep. I continued my secondary education in the high school “Riste Risteski – Ricko”, Prilep. I continued to celebrate my success by winning first prizes. I have been state champion four times in the fields of machine technology and automation. I kept my GPA at 5.00 again. I was elected valedictorian once more in high school.

My chosen path for a rich career is, of course, the modern technology of the new era. The projects that I have created so far amount to 120 projects that find application in our everyday human life. Some of my favorite projects are the following:

  • “Protection, safety, and priority of visually impaired people in traffic”
  • “Protect people when working in a sawmill”
  • “Protection of children in the amusement park”
  • “Automated multi-storage garage”
  • “Smart House”
  • “Cocktail preparation machine”
  • “Laboratory for research in places with radioactive radiation”
  • “Automated production line in the food industry”

I continued my education in the same field of technology, so I enrolled at the FINKI faculty in Skopje. I continued my success at college, of course!

I was the Balkan Champion of the Balkan Primacy – Sunny Beach 2019, where I designed the Smart Wheelchair – which can be controlled by eye movement. Its main task is to help people with physical disabilities move with the help of this stroller that will be managed with their eyes. With the same project, I was also one of the finalists at the “Generation Unlimited – 2020” challenge that took place this year. My successes of course don’t stop there! The projects that I will design and innovate in the following period will bring us the next successes in these areas, of course. The next project I am working on is “Production, saving and rational use of natural resources for electricity production” with smart applications and software through which people will have the opportunity to produce their own electricity and thus achieve a certain profit.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

Now quite a lot of people leave our country and go to other countries in hope that there is something “better” out there… I am witnessing that because some of my friends have done the same.

Of course, I’m not justifying them! Before they decide to spend their lives in other European countries, I give them good advice, which I think will benefit everyone who has the same desire to leave our homeland. Most people are looking for higher salaries in order to lead a richer – more comfortable life. The reality in our country is clear – wages are much lower than in other countries, but people who have not acquired the habit of managing their finances when they are low, how will they be able to manage larger sums… Unfortunately, the more they earn, the more they are in the same trap that every employee is – “waking up in the morning, running to get to work, work 8,9,10 … hours, get tired from work, sleep and the same all over again… ”. My opinion is that people in our country should change their thinking and career habits because there are conditions for developing wonderful businesses and careers here. The only thing they need is proper education in finance and social responsibility. They are mostly searching for higher paid jobs, a cleaner environment, while at the same time not trying to change their own destructive habits and negative consequences. They should instead start their own business and develop the industrial capacities of our own country. I want to be one of those who hopefully will be the first one to prove that we don’t need relocations, to Europe, America, or wherever it is … If we want the whole world can be here with us in Macedonia. I want to build a successful career in my country, as people have proven it is possible with smart work and good education.



My name is Sibela Mamudoska, I am 23 years old and I come from Prilep. I finished my secondary education at the secondary vocational school “Kuzman Josifoski – Pitu” in Prilep, educational profile for Legal technician and I continued my education at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep, “St. Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola. I am currently finishing my second year of the study program for Accounting and Audit at the University.

Success story

My success story is closely related to what kind of person I am. Since elementary school I have had a great desire to compete in various areas which captured my interest. I have a constant urge to compete with others, but also with myself, testing my own limits. I have won numerous first, second and third prizes on regional and national competitions. It all began near the end of my elementary education when I took part in the regional history competition and by winning third prize I qualified for the national competition. The story did not end there, it continued during my secondary education as well. I participated in a regional essay competition and I was awarded first prize. Furthermore, I took part in a national competition in the area of law and economics organized by the Ministry of Education and I won first prize as “The Vocation Leader”. Also, my team won first prize and the gold medal for “The Best Fashion Show” at the MASSUM state competition. I have always been a great admirer of the written word and I still write when I find time. That desire for writing has resulted in winning first prize at a poetry writing competition and second prize and silver medal for reciting my own poem at the MASSUM state competition. Additionally, my team was awarded second prize and a silver medal for “The Best Stall” at the same competition. I also took part in another category at the MASSUM competition and won bronze medal for “The Best Career Portfolio”. That was an amazing competition and an incredibly successful year for me.

The year before, my team won the bronze medal for “The Best Fashion Show” at the MASSUM state competition. During my secondary education I participated in a national competition for business plans and my team managed to enter the ten finalists who gave presentations at an event organized by The National Centre for Development of Innovations and Entrepreneurial Learning and the Ministry of Education.

However, my enthusiasm did not subside when I finished my secondary education. I was included in many seminars, trainings and workshops on regional, national and international level in order to improve my personal skills and abilities which I believed had not been developed properly during my formal education. I took a course in German as a second foreign language and passed the exam for B2 Certificate in Germany. Then I began my university studies and I tirelessly continue to engage myself in different activities and competitions among which is the oratory competition organized by the university every year. However, this year it did not take place due to the virus crisis.

Recently, I was chosen as the best student of my generation on state level and I received an award for the highest achievements in the studies based on my average grade.

Macedonia 2025 / Giving back to Homeland

I am considered as a person who needs to be involved in several activities, because I believe that doing only one thing (studying) is not sufficient and satisfactory. My firm opinion is that my knowledge and my long personal improvement should benefit not only me, but also the people around me. I am a member of several organizations and I have participated in numerous projects which have been successfully implemented in various areas such as: education, housing and legalization of facilities, help for people without personal documents and returnees from abroad etc. These projects have made great contribution to the society. I am currently included in two projects which aim at helping communities in dealing with the Covid – 19 crisis. One of the projects is a Call Center of the Association Romaverzitas from Skopje and the other project is from Civika, implemented by the Association REDI from Tetovo. The latter focuses on installing water taps which will provide equality for the neighborhoods with no access to water in the battle against Covid – 19. My goal is to carry on helping the community and consistently contributing to the improvement of our society. I see myself as a successful accountant and entrepreneur in the future, who will be able to turn her passion into a specific product and put her knowledge into practice in order to provide help to those who need it.