Youth Voices


My name is Angela Dragan and I am 16 years old. I was born in Veles, where I still reside. I started my education in the elementary school “Vasil Glavinov” in my city, where I gained quality knowledge. Thanks to the wonderful professors who surrounded me and supported me every day, I was firmly determined that my talent was hidden in mathematics. Further,  my current education is in the High School “Kocho Racin” in Veles. Apart from mathematics, what fulfills me is writing essays and participating in communicative competitions. I am involved in preserving the tradition and heritage of our country. In fact, I have been attending folklore dance classes since I was six years old and I have proudly represented our country around the world for years.

Success Story

From an early age, I competed in the fields of mathematics, applied mathematics, informatics, and natural sciences. When it comes to awards, I will single out the “Kangaroo” math competition where I finished in the top ten at age 8. Also, in primary school every year I participated in the Municipal and Regional competition in mathematics organized by the Union of Mathematicians of the Republic of Macedonia and I always finished in first place. The awards varied, sometimes first, sometimes second or third place, but for me, they were a great experience and upgrade of knowledge in that area. I will remember the last year of primary education because I suddenly entered the “Competition of young technicians and naturalists” in the field of Applied Mathematics, and to my great satisfaction I finished second. In 2017, I gained an International level certification in the field of informatics, which was an incentive for me to think about what if my future profession and further education is a symbiosis between mathematics and informatics. Prizes in writing essays, compositions, poems on various topics were also common in primary education. To my great satisfaction, I received first placе for the best essay written in French. In the field of writing, an essay that I can single out was on the topic “The simplest life pleasures are the greatest joys” in English. I also proved myself as an actor in our school play titled “A Piece of Tortured Land – Former Samuel Empire”. The desire to work in a group dates back to my primary education and it is something that fulfills me. I could single out a certificate for teamwork where my team and I were part of a 3-day project on “Building Bridges”.

And finally came secondary education. I just finished the second year of my education at the High School “Kocho Racin” in Veles . The determination that my education is a symbiosis of mathematics and computer science helped me to choose the direction in high school easier, so I study Natural Sciences and Mathematics. In the first year, I successfully participated in the European Money Quiz with previous qualifications at the municipal, local and state level – for me a great experience. This past year I participated in many literary competitions on various topics, but I would like to single out the first prize in English on the topic “Mothers through history”. I also finished third in the Municipal and received a certificate of successful participation in the Regional Mathematics Competition. Thanks to the achievements, I finished the school year with the participation of Erasmus + project entitled “Mystery lies in the QR codes” which due to the pandemic was online but still successfully realized by students from our school and students from Romania, Turkey and Poland. Immediately after the end of the school year, I participated in another project organized by Erasmus + and the Youthpass program.

I am still undecided about my future plans, but as I said, computer science and engineering are areas in which my future profession lies. Like everyone else, I would like to study at one of the prestigious faculties around the world, but if that does not work, I want to continue my education at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering in Skopje.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to the Homeland

I have a great desire to study abroad. Immediately after graduation, I will selflessly return with my quality knowledge to do something for our society. To transfer my knowledge to people who will not have the opportunity to study abroad, I would be very happy if I became a professor at some of our faculties and teach young people that the point of life is not to be away from family. I would like to thank Macedonia2025, an organization which, in this really difficult time, gave me great motivation and incentive to continue to achieve my dreams. It is a great honor to be part of this family. The connection with Macedonia 2025 helps me to get the things that attract me. Let this be just the beginning of my book entitled Life, cheers for the new experiences!