Youth Voices


My name is Angela Busheska, I am 18 years old and I come from Struga. Back at primary school, taking part in local and national competitions in maths, physics and biology enabled me to secure a scholarship at the private Yahya Kemal College in Struga, where I am currently in my senior year. Being part of the science curriculum enabled me not only to advance my skills, but also experience some life-altering achievements.

Success Story

The story that completely changed my mindset started along with my high school education. Entering the math team as a student who took the last place on the 9th grade math national Olympiad was an incredible journey, which made me realize that math is not a talent, but determination and hard work. Lucky enough to be a classmate with a math champion, motivation was in my veins, and I was getting stronger and stronger. I transformed myself into a person who woke up at 5 am and analyzed a geometry problem for more than 8 hours, chasing angles while chasing dreams. As a result, I managed to become second-best national math winner, while achieving a lot of awards on the International Geometry Olympiad, Mediterranean Olympiad, Mathematics without Borders tournaments, Macedonian Math Olympiad, but the greatest award is my habit to stay still, focused, concentrated and never give up. Each problem has its own solution, and our mission is to find it! I wanted to share my knowledge, so I became an Olympiad Math Tutor on sophomores and juniors.

Moreover,  maths helped me decide that I not only want to solve questions on paper, but also in real life. I managed to perform my first research in my freshman year of high school. The research was focused on making a more sustainable model of a city, addressing the greatest problem, such as the usage of electricity and water shortage. “Environment-Friendly Smart City” brought me a bronze medal on the International Genius Olympiad, held in Oswego, USA, as well as a gold medal on the UNIPO Olympiad. My journey didn’t stop there. Inspired by the catastrophic phenomenon of oil spills that took place in Piraeus, Greece, I started a research project on finding a natural sorbent for the oil that won’t cause additional harm. Performing over 260 experiments with different materials and various conditions, my second research project was Ultimate Winner at Ekonova 2018, as well as gold medalist at iCAN-Canada and a finalist at EuroInvent.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to become a part of the Junior Academy held by the New York Academy of Sciences. Together with my teammates, I took part in the Aerospace Challenge, in which we had to design a more feasible airplane called “Airliner of the Future”. Working on Morphing Wings and Heat Engine, we managed to be placed as finalists and present our poster at the New York Academy of Science Summit. Furthermore, I took part in the EdTech Challenge, in which I designed software to make education in Indonesia more accessible. Apart from my science part, I really enjoy sharing my voice with people and motivate them. Being a bullied kid in primary school, last year I established a TED Talk which is a small reminder for everyone to love themselves and handle intimidation in an optimistic way. Moreover, being a part of the school debate club, I was among the top 5 debaters in North Macedonia, winning the first place as a Debate Team on World Scholar’s Cup in 2017.

To combine my love for research and presentation, for the first time ever, I established a team from North Macedonia on the International Youth Physicists Tournament, where we won the first place in the category of first-time arriving countries. Moreover, I presented my project “Successful Method of Junkyard Physics” on two international Physics conferences, where I was one of the youngest participants. Even though the future is the greatest enigma and the most important mystery in our lives, I am looking forward to seeing myself as a successful engineer and scientist, tackling the world’s greatest challenges and inspiring many people along the way.

Macedonia2025/ Giving Back to Homeland

I am an optimistic person, who believes that as long as we are alive, we have a choice and we have a way out. Inspired by one successful entrepreneur, I founded a non-profit organization “Empower The Youth”, which has the aim to inspire young people, make them aware of their possibilities, but also help people in finding food. Its mission is to reduce the number of people going hungry to bed, as well as making young people more committed and motivating them to fight for their dreams.

Coding for more than 5 months, I established an android application where people can easily engage in a system of sharing food and knowledge. Enlarging my non-profit organization would be a key to help my country in the next years. Moreover, through developing my research skills, my goal is to find a solution for the enormous pollution, as well as developing a robot that would enable people to drive more carefully, thus reducing the number of accidents. As mentioned at the Summit, either right or left, I am thriving to continue up and green!