Summit 2024


The Macedonia2025 Summit is the premier regional gathering that serves as an unparalleled platform for sharing knowledge, connecting organizations, and inspiring change across Southeast Europe. Scheduled for 15-16 May 2024 at the Skopje Marriott Hotel, this event stands at the forefront of fostering innovation and development within the region.

Featuring an impressive lineup of some of the greatest minds in business, science, and technology, the Macedonia2025 Summit shapes the present into a brighter tomorrow, moving in lockstep with the world’s leading nations. Each year, the event attracts policymakers, companies operating within the region, members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations, as well as academia and civil society members, making it a melting pot of ideas and inspiration.

The Summit 2024 will delve into a wide range of topics, focusing on regional cooperation and competitiveness, strategies for attracting foreign direct investments, digital transformation for modern businesses, strategic leadership in an era of change and innovation, tackling government corruption, building resilient and adaptable global supply chains, unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, harnessing analytics and intelligence for business success, and leveraging digital health innovations for enhanced medical services. This diverse agenda ensures that the Summit will be a hub of comprehensive discussions on digitization, AI, investment attraction, leadership, integrity, supply chain resilience, data analytics, and sustainable innovation.

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you to an event that promises to be a confluence of vision, innovation, and action. Early bird tickets are available now! Join us as we shape the future together at the Macedonia2025 Summit. See you there!

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