Successful Completion of the Macedonia2025 STEAM Summer Camp with Vincinni Chocofactory!


We Did It!

What an amazing week, June 24-28, 2024 at the Vincinni Development Center in Vinica!

We successfully completed Macedonia2025’s first STEAM Summer Camp with Vincinni Chocofactory! Our young scientists explored, experimented, and expanded their horizons, making this summer camp an unforgettable experience.

The goal of the Macedonia2025 STEAM Summer Camp initiative, in collaboration with Makprogres -Vincini Chocofactory, is to support the development of capacities and STEM skills in children across the country. Our organization aims to establish corporate partnerships with companies employing workers in labor-intensive jobs, offering opportunities for children from socially vulnerable families to participate in STEAM workshops. Through these workshops, we strive to nurture their skills and interests in these fields.

This initiative provides children of employees aged 9-11 the chance to attend a 5-day summer camp, focused on hands-on learning in STEAM areas through play, fun, and experiments. Targeting employees with lower incomes and from socially vulnerable categories, the program is designed to be highly engaging and practical.

Here’s a recap of our incredible journey in Vinica:

🚀 Day 1: Chemical Reactions
We started with mind-blowing experiments like dry ice sublimation, elephant toothpaste, and dancing corn. The scholars were thrilled to learn and discover new things each step of the way.

💧 Day 2: Water Cycle and Tornadoes
Our exploration continued with learning about the water cycle, creating rain clouds, and even making our own tornadoes. The hands-on activities kept everyone engaged and excited.

🏥 Day 3: Hygiene, Health, and Architecture
We learned the importance of hygiene, made our own soap, and delved into the world of architecture. Building the tallest tower with various materials was a fun and challenging task! Our participants also got creative in the kitchen, cooking and decorating their own chocolates, which added a delicious touch to the day.

🎭 Day 4: Theatre and Modern Art
We wrapped up the week with creativity, making puppets and performing shadow theatre. The artistic flair and imaginative spirit of our campers shone brightly. Additionally, the participants visited the Vincini factory and enjoyed seeing the production of sweet delights, making the day even more special.

🌌 Day 5: Solar System
Space enthusiasts had a blast learning about the solar system, creating their own planets, and crafting astronaut gear. The day was filled with astronomical fun! We concluded our camp with a heartwarming certificate award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of all our amazing campers. Each participant received a certificate recognizing their enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work throughout the week. It was a proud moment for everyone, especially for their parents who are all working in Makprogres… and the smiles were priceless!

Our 31 scholars came from Kocani, Vinica, Makedonska Kamenica, and the neighboring villages of Orizari, Bunarci, and Trstija. This diverse group of young minds brought a wonderful mix of perspectives, ideas, and cultures to our camp community, adding to the richness and vibrancy of our shared experiences. The friendships formed and the knowledge gained have made this camp truly special for everyone involved. All our scholars were children of employees from Vincini, highlighting the company’s strong commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

This week wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of our partners:

🙌 A Huge Thank You to our corporate partners: Vincini Chocofactory and Progressive Academy, your support and the wonderful venue made this camp an exceptional experience.

👏 Special Thanks to SmartLab, whose expert guidance and engaging activities brought science and fun together in the most amazing way.

💖 To All Our Scholars, Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation. You made this camp a fantastic success! 🌟 Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring! 🌟

Here’s to a summer full of discovery, learning, and fun! Stay tuned for another round of exciting adventures coming up next week!