Successful Completion of Macedonia2025’s second STEAM Summer Camp with COMFY ANGEL in Prilep!


We Did It Again!

We successfully completed Macedonia2025’s second STEAM Summer Camp with Comfy Angel.

Another amazing week, July 1-5th, 2024 spent at the COMFY ANGEL textile company in Prilep!

Our young innovators delved into discovery, creativity, and collaboration, making this summer camp an unforgettable experience. The Macedonia2025 STEAM Summer Camp initiative, in partnership with Comfy Angel, aims to enhance the development of STEM skills and capacities among children throughout the country. By forming corporate partnerships with companies that employ workers in labor-intensive roles, we offer children from socially vulnerable families the chance to engage in STEAM workshops, fostering their skills and passion for these fields.

This initiative provides employees’ children aged 9-11 with a unique 5-day summer camp experience, focused on interactive learning in STEAM areas through engaging activities, fun projects, and practical experiments. Specifically targeting lower-income employees and socially vulnerable groups, the program is designed to be both captivating and hands-on.

As we reflect on the journey in Prilep, we are inspired by the potential of these young minds and the positive impact of our STEAM Summer Camp initiative. We look forward to continuing this mission, reaching more communities, and empowering more children to explore, learn, and grow.

Here’s a recap of our incredible journey in Prilep:

🚀 Day 1: Tornado and Bubble Science

We kicked off the camp with exhilarating experiments focused on tornadoes and bubble science. The young scientists created their own mini tornadoes and explored the fascinating world of bubbles. Their excitement was palpable as they learned new concepts through these engaging activities.

🗺️ Day 2: Countries and Landmarks

Our journey continued with a global adventure, exploring different continents, countries, and their iconic landmarks. The children “traveled” the world, learning about the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Giza, and more. Each discovery sparked their curiosity and broadened their horizons.

🏭 Day 3: Visit to the COMFY ANGEL Production Factory, Chemical Reactions, and Slime

The highlight of the day was an educational visit to the COMFY ANGEL production factory, where the children witnessed the textile manufacturing process firsthand. They then dove into the world of chemical reactions and had a blast playing with slime. The day was filled with discovery and hands-on fun.

🦕 Day 4: Dino Discovery Adventure and Exploring Creativity with Pixels

The children embarked on a thrilling Dino Discovery Adventure while digging up dinosaurs, learning about different dinosaurs and their habitats. In the afternoon, they unleashed their creativity by making volcanoes and engaging in fun pixel art, combining technology with artistic expression. The scholars’ creativity and enthusiasm were truly inspiring.

🎭 Day 5: Theater, Sock Puppets, and Candle Making

The final day was a blend of art and performance. The children crafted their own sock puppets and performed delightful puppet shows. They also enjoyed making candles, learning about the process and creating their own unique designs. We wrapped up the camp with a heartwarming certificate award ceremony, celebrating the achievements of all our amazing campers.

Our 16 scholars came from Prilep and the surrounding areas, bringing together a diverse group of young minds. This vibrant mix of perspectives and ideas enriched our camp community, making the experience even more special. The friendships formed and the knowledge gained will be cherished by all.

This week wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of our partners:

🙌 A Huge Thank You to our corporate partner: Comfy Angel, your support and openness for corporate partnership was an exceptional experience.

👏 Special Thanks to SmartLab, whose expert guidance and engaging activities brought science and fun together in the most amazing way.

💖 To All Our Participants, Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation. You made this camp a fantastic success! 🌟 Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring! 🌟

Here’s to a summer full of discovery, learning, and fun!