On October 29, 2022 in Skopje, Macedonia2025 organized a one-day advanced training for high-tech excellence. The participants of the training were participants from both generations (2021/2022) of participants from the Ohrid Camp for High-Tech Excellence.

The robot development and programming program was carried out through modern and highly effective teaching and learning methods. The teams faced various challenges to build the most sophisticated robot models by following special instructions (Robotics & Innovation Academy and LEGO® Education SPIKE). The challenges that were set before the participants are connected and solve problems related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, specifically Goal no. 7 – Affordable and clean energy: to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. The curriculum is delivered by a certified teaching staff trained by LEGO® Education.

In addition, we had the honor of being visited by the President of North Macedonia, Mr. Stevo Pendarovski. The participants presented the constructed models to the President and explained their use and applicability in the field of ecology, i.e. selection of waste materials and protection of the environment. President Pendarovski expressed his satisfaction with the demonstrated skill, the inventiveness of the participants and their successful response to the assigned project challenges. In that context, he emphasized that the experiences gained during the advanced training will have a strongly positive impact on their future professional development. Expressing gratitude to the organizers and supporters, the president emphasized the importance of such trainings in encouraging young people to think creatively, constantly striving to fully reach their potential.

Fortunately, Vera Stavroff and Nevenka Dimitrova, members of the board of directors of Macedonia2025 from the US, were on a working visit to our country. They shared personal experiences and expressed a particular incentive to develop skills and knowledge of young individuals in the areas of STEM through socializing and talking with the participants. The approach and determination of the participants in solving global problems made an exceptional impression on the two members of our board. They were impressed by the possibilities of applying the created robots in the fields of medicine, industry and environmental protection.

The participants of the training received certificates for attending the training.

Tremendous thanks to ItLabs Skopje who made it possible to conduct the training in their training center.