Youth Voices


My name is Ana Krstevska and I am 22 years old. I come from Skopje where I spent my childhood and high school years.

After graduating high school, my college search led me to the University of KU Leuven in Brussels where I enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration. Moving away from home was both terrifying and exhilarating as I was faced with many changes. Nevertheless, I am grateful for this opportunity, for it shaped me as a person and helped me grow.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s in Business Information Management at KU Leuven where I am expected to graduate in July of 2022.

Success Story

During university, I invested a lot of effort in my academic achievements as I graduated with a cum laude distinction in 2020 and I am hoping to keep up the same pace during my master studies.

Outside the scope of my studies, after joining many clubs at my university, my friends and I decided to start something on our own and that was TEDx. In 2020, we managed to obtain the license from TED and started our TEDxKULeuvenBrussels Club. Through this club we could organize official TEDx speaker events bringing the ideas of leading thinkers and doers into one place once a year. Our first year, however, turned out harder than expected. Due to the pandemic, speakers, sponsors, and partners felt reluctant being a part of this event. All signs pointed to failure, and we debated calling it quits. Nonetheless, we persevered and turned the ship around, successfully organizing a 300 people virtual event. This year, we are more experienced, and we are expecting a highly successful live event in Brussels. I am glad to be a part of this club as working with different students and speakers of different backgrounds pushed me out of my comfort zone.

On a more career-related note, I am voluntarily working on a merger and acquisition case with Accenture where we are ensuring the digital transformation and alignment between two manufacturing companies in the beauty and care industry. This is an enormous learning opportunity for me as working with Accenture warrants a great deal of teamwork and knowledge synchronization.

Future plans

My plans for the future are two-fold consisting of continuing my academic journey as well as starting my professional career.

As I am studying in Europe’s most innovative university, research is a big part of the academic life, and I would like to cement my studies with a PhD. in ICT which would help me develop and improve in a research field that is also part of my professional goals in life

Finally, as any graduate, I am looking forward to entering the workforce as a young professional where I continue my learning journey and add value to the company.

Macedonia 2025

I am very excited to be a part of Macedonia 2025 and give back to my country that is full of many talented, young individuals who have a lot to offer as I believe potential is a priceless treasure.