Day 3 Recap: Sailing Adventures and Robotic Marvels at Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp! 🚤🤖


Day 3 (July 9th, 2024) of the Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp was filled with adventure and innovation! Participants kicked off their day with a delicious breakfast, setting the stage for an exciting series of activities.
The morning began with a picturesque boat trip to St. Kaneo. Departing from the hotel port, participants enjoyed stunning views of Ohrid Lake, fostering a sense of camaraderie and anticipation for the day ahead. Special thanks go to the Ohrid Summer Festival for being a great supporter and promoter of Macedonian culture!

Upon returning, the participants dove into an engaging session with Young Engineers. They tackled projects like Group Conveyors, which introduced concepts such as linear motion, double power increasing transmission, system resource utilization, inventive thinking, and converting circular motion to linear motion.

The afternoon session brought even more excitement with exercises highlighting the importance of gears and belts. Students familiarized themselves with the Robotic Academy sensor programming environment and robot programming process through fun projects like Spirographs, spinners, and an “after lunch” tea brewer.

The day continued with enjoyable beach activities, offering a perfect balance of relaxation and physical engagement.

Following a short break, creativity took the spotlight with a workshop on Macedonian crafts. Participants created beautiful earrings from “srma,” learning about Macedonian traditions and expressing their artistic skills.

Embracing the Euro2024 euphoria, everyone gathered to watch a thrilling football match, rounding off the day with excitement and team spirit.