RECOGNITION for Diaspora Contribution


Under the auspices of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia

Macedonia2025 is recognizing the incredible contributions made by the Macedonian diaspora towards the development and progress of their home country. Over the years, members of the Macedonian diaspora have played an integral role in driving economic growth, promoting cultural heritage, and supporting important initiatives in their communities.

The Macedonian diaspora, which spans across the globe, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the prosperity of Macedonia. Whether it is through investing in local businesses, providing funding for educational programs, or actively engaging in community outreach, the diaspora has shown a remarkable dedication to the betterment of their homeland.

Macedonia2025 deeply values the role that the Macedonian diaspora plays in the country’s growth and development. We recognize that their contributions have helped shape the future of Macedonia, and we are grateful for their unwavering support. By working together, we can continue to build a brighter future for all Macedonians, both at home and abroad.

Background to launching the initiative in 2023

The initiative set to launch in 2023 seeks to honor and acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the diaspora members to the development of the Republic of Macedonia. It is an effort to publicly recognize and value the voluntary and selfless acts of the diaspora members, who give back to their homeland without any personal gain, who either individually or through their organizations and groups, and have significantly contributed to the country’s economic and social progress, or helped in promoting it on the global stage. These contributions include donations, investments, volunteer work, and other forms of support, given without any personal benefit, to give back to the homeland of themselves or their ancestors. By recognizing the selflessness of these individuals, the initiative provides an opportunity for citizens, public institutions, civil society organizations, and beneficiaries of their kind deeds to express their gratitude and admiration for their generosity.

About the Award

Macedonia2025 has launched an initiative to recognize individuals who are members of the diaspora and who have selflessly and continuously contributed to their native land. This recognition is intended for anyone who is an inseparable part of the national fabric of the Macedonian people, regardless of when or where they were born.

The recognitions are given to those who have made exceptional contributions in various spheres, such as economic and social development, education, scientific research, art, or improvements to certain conditions in their native country. The recipients may or may not hold Macedonian citizenship but must originate from the Republic of Macedonia.

These recognitions are given once or multiple time in a year at a special event or ceremony, and the maximum number of awards that can be given in a year is three.

The awards take the form of a Distinction and a Plaque.

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia is awarding Recognition for the contribution of members of the diaspora.

Recognitions are given for exceptional contributions to the state-legal and social development of Macedonia throughout different historical periods.

Criteria for Macedonia2025 RECOGNITION for Diaspora Contribution

Macedonia2025 has established several potential criteria to recognize the contributions of members of the diaspora. These include:

  1. Philanthropy and Social Impact: Recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to social causes, charities, or community development projects in the Republic of Macedonia.
  2. Business and Entrepreneurship: Acknowledging individuals who have encouraged and achieved significant success as entrepreneurs, investors, or business leaders, thereby contributing to the growth and development of the Macedonian economy.
  3. Academic and Research Excellence: Recognizing individuals who have excelled in academic or research pursuits, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge and skills in Macedonia or the region.
  4. Leadership and Advocacy: Acknowledging individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills or advocated for Macedonian interests, promoting awareness and understanding of Macedonia and its people.
  5. Art and Culture: Recognizing individuals who have promoted Macedonian art and culture abroad or contributed to the preservation and promotion of Macedonian cultural heritage.
  6. Humanitarian Work: Acknowledging individuals who have contributed to humanitarian efforts, such as disaster relief, refugee support, or social justice initiatives, for the benefit of the Republic of Macedonia or others in need.
  7. Innovations and Technology: Recognizing individuals who have developed and/or brought through partnerships innovative technologies, products, or services that improved the competitiveness and productivity of Macedonian businesses or organizations.

It is important to note that these criteria are not exhaustive, and other areas may be considered based on the nominations received for potential award candidates.