Zarko Dimitrioski, The Executive Education Experience at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management


I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Executive Development Program at Kellogg School of Management through your generous scholarship. My participation took place in May and June 2023, and I wanted to share my thoughts on the program and its impact on my personal and professional journey.

Program Review
The campus at Northwestern University was nothing short of remarkable—state-of-the-art facilities, meticulous attention to detail, and a warm, inviting atmosphere that fostered learning and camaraderie. The caliber of the teaching staff exceeded my expectations. Lectures that stood out included Sergio Rebelo’s ‘Mega Trends in International Economics, “Dan Kraemer’s ‘Design Your Next Disruptor Workshop”, and Loran Nordgren’s courses on “Leading and Managing Innovation” and “Influence Without Authority.”
The learning approach was hands-on and facilitative, encouraging rich discussions among participants. That said, the group size was slightly smaller than expected, yet it contributed to a more intimate and engaging learning experience. The diversity and spirit of the group were absolutely amazing. I do believe the in-person lectures significantly surpassed online interactions in terms of engagement and depth.

Suggestions for Improvement
Expectations and Participant Feedback: Given the program’s intensity, it might be beneficial to gauge the expectations and wishes of the participants. Fewer, more focused lectures could allow for deeper engagement.
Personal and Professional Impact
This program has had a monumental impact on my personality and work habits. It has broadened my perspective, improved my leadership abilities, and equipped me with tools to navigate the complex business landscape.

Campus Experience
The facilities and resources at Kellogg are world-class, and I found the environment to be intellectually invigorating. The friendships and networks one can build during this period can prove invaluable.

Final Thoughts
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Macedonia2025 for this life-changing experience. The logistical and organizational aspects from both MK2025 and Kellogg were well-executed, ensuring a smooth experience throughout.

To those considering this training, the experience you will gain is unparalleled. You will not just be learning; you will be evolving, in an environment that encourages you to find out what it takes and learn to be the best version of yourself, not only in the professional aspects of life.

Thank you and looking forward to a continued engagement with Macedonia2025.

Participants: Zarko Dimistrioski
Company: Managing Partner & Creative Director at BD GRUPA DOOEL (BDG Agency)