Nadica Vanova Nakjinova – The promotional campaign “Science for the Future”


Let’s inspire more pupils to love SCIENCE!

Embarking on a mission to ignite a passion for science in the hearts of young minds, our groundbreaking promotional campaign, “Science for the Future,” proudly showcases Nadica Vanova Nakjinova, an exceptional Senior Researcher at Alkaloid AD’s Institute of Research and Development. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Nadica, whose path, deeply rooted in a legacy of healthcare, exemplifies dedication, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of scientific excellence.

Who is she?

Nadica Vanova Nakjinova, a Master of Pharmacy and Senior Researcher at Alkaloid AD’s Institute of Research and Development works in the department for value-added medicines development. As a formulation scientist, her primary focus is on addressing the complex challenges of formulation and process development for value-added medicines. She and her team are dedicated to rethinking, reinventing, and optimizing medications based on established molecules. Their goal is to innovate in ways that improve human health, meet patients’ unmet needs, and ultimately enhance their quality of life.

Her Journey and Success Story
Nadica was born and raised in Veles, where she completed her primary and secondary education. Her lifelong fascination with biology, medicine, and chemistry, influenced by many doctors and pharmacists in her family, naturally led her to a career in pharmaceutical research. Their dedication to improving human health inspired her passion for this field.

Nadica Vanova Nakjinova’s journey in pharmacy began in 2010 at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Pharmacy, where she graduated with a Master of Pharmacy in 2015 and was honored with the “Foundation Trajche Mukaetov” scholarship, recognizing her as one of the top students. In her current role, she spends long hours in the laboratory, engages in extensive reading, brainstorms with her team, applies critical thinking, and continuously advances in the field. The problem-based learning approach at the pharmaceutical faculty instilled in her a commitment to lifelong learning, which has been crucial to her success.

During her studies, she developed a keen interest in pharmaceutical technology. Her master’s thesis focused on micro-encapsulation through spray-drying of probiotics to enhance their viability. This research was conducted at the faculty’s Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, where she had the privilege of working with an inspiring PhD candidate and mentor. Later, she became a PhD candidate at the same institute, conducting her research and having the opportunity to publish her work.

Although her current PhD research is in the emerging field of nanotechnology—specifically, developing dual drug-loaded lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles—and differs from her daily work, it has taught her the importance of discipline, work ethic, resilience, and a courageous spirit. Science has slowly become part of her DNA—a way of thinking and living.

Professional Achievements from junior researcher to team lead at Alkaloid AD Skopje

“I joined the Institute of Research and Development at Alkaloid AD Skopje in 2015, shortly after graduating. Starting as a junior researcher and progressing to a team lead role, I have tackled numerous challenging projects, being part of their development, transfer and scale-up to industrial scale as well as their marketing authorization approval processes.

I am particularly proud to be named as an inventor in three international patent applications submitted under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for different formulation dosage forms during my nearly nine-year tenure at Alkaloid AD Skopje. This achievement represents a significant milestone in my career and has also introduced a new perspective within the company.

The dynamic work environment at Alkaloid AD Skopje has enabled me to excel in various processing techniques essential for developing new formulations of solid, liquid, and semi-solid dosage forms. I was fortunate to have mentors who generously shared their knowledge during my early days at the company.

Although the formulations our team works on are based on known molecules, they are not fully generic. We leverage the active ingredient’s chemistry to create unique and innovative formulations.

Our institute at Alkaloid AD Skopje is a regional leader, fostering a supportive team environment that encourages young scientists to learn and realize their potential. We have in our institute and also collaborate with some of the greatest researchers in Macedonia, and I am grateful for the opportunities and support that have fueled my passion for science. I am motivated to see how the scientific journey unfolds for the younger generation.”

Giving back to the Homeland

At Alkaloid AD Skopje, there is a strong dedication to contributing to the homeland’s development in every possible way. The company has organized numerous donations, scholarships, internship programs, and motivational campaigns, with plans to continue evolving these efforts to meet future needs. Nadica Vanova Nakjinova chose to build her career in her homeland, believing that with the right discipline and mindset, great achievements and an enhanced quality of life can be realized locally.

Inspirational Message

Her inspirational quote/personal message to all primary school students is to motivate them to choose a science-related career/education: “We build on the work of those before us and owe it to those who are yet to come. Our mission is to advance the knowledge passed to us and inspire new generations to do the same. Our scientific contribution can transform local communities and should serve as a beacon of hope and innovation for the new generations, paving the way for a brighter future here in our homeland.”

The Power of Knowledge

In a world full of possibilities, the gift of knowledge is the most valuable treasure we can bestow upon the next generation. By joining this initiative, you become a beacon of inspiration for those who will carry the torch of science forward.

Let’s work together to inspire, empower, and educate. Let’s ignite the passion for science in the hearts of primary school pupils. Your words could be the spark that lights the fire of curiosity and excellence.

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Join us in shaping the future of science and the young scientists who will define it. Together, we can make a difference.

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The campaign is implemented as part of Johnson Matthey’s Community Impact Program “Science and Me”