We are grateful to our media partners who stepped forward in spreading the word about what we do by covering our events, programs and research activities. Thank you for continuous support!

Please note that we are always looking for media companies and related institutions who are interested in partnering with our organization for improving our visibility and brand awareness. 

By becoming our media partner you will be involved in promoting our mission, vision, and supporting Macedonia2025’s PR and outreach activities. Some of the responsibilities that we expect on your behalf, include: placements of banners, news announcements, interviews, articles or other type of publications, related to our projects, programs and research activities. 

In this way, your company will gain the status of an ‘Official Media Partner’ and it will be linked to a unique global network of thinkers, leaders and doers in the field of business and the economy. In particular, your media outlet will have the opportunity to be offered a greater exposure through our global network online and physically at our programs/ events. 

For additional information and more details, please don’t hesitate to fill in the form. 

We are looking forward to building new partnerships!