Fantastic Success at the Second Regional Science Fair in Delchevo!


We are excited to announce that the second regional Science Fair, held on April 18th, 2024, in Delchevo under the Johnson Matthey “Science and Me” program, was a tremendous success!

More than 35 incredibly gifted sixth-grade students, guided by their natural sciences teachers from Strumica, Valandovo, and Delchevo, presented their innovative projects.  Let’s meet and greet the participating schools of the first regional Science Fair, namely:

  • OOU “Sando Masev” from Strumica with mentor teacher Milena Shutevska,
  • OOU “Josip Broz Tito” from Valandovo with mentor teacher Elena Andonova
  • And the host school OOU “St. Kliment Ohridski” from Delchevo under the mentorship of teachers Ana Popova and Maja Stoevska.

The event attracted the attention of more than 100 guest students from Delchevo and surrounding areas, creating a true scientific euphoria!

It was a privilege to host Delchevo’s Mayor, Goran Trajkovski, who emphasized the fair’s pivotal role in preparing students for future educational and professional pursuits in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—the core components of the global STEM program.

In this occasion, Nena Manchev, Macedonia2025 program manager for the educational and leadership program stated: “Through the “Science and Me” project supported by the Johnson Matthey Community Impact Program, we are making an impact on several levels. First, at the level of supporting education reforms – where we believe that all socially responsible companies and organizations should be involved in those segments in which we can contribute to the improvement of processes and competencies. In cooperation with the Bureau for Development of Education, we managed to improve the skills and competencies of over 20 science teachers in primary education for effective and applied science teaching in 6 grade. Their motivation, commitment, and competence directly influence this generation of primary school students. It is a pleasure to see the happy faces of the sixth graders who dedicatedly and responsibly will present individual projects and experiments today and all the other 4 regional science fairs to their peers. This is the second level of impact, that is, we challenge the early interest and engagement of students in science and STEM fields, which is critical for awakening their innovative and research potential, which will lead to the development of careers in the field of science and engineering. Such activities have a deep and long-term impact on the community and future generations.”

We extend our deepest appreciation to St. Kliment Ohridski School in Delchevo for your openness and exceptional hospitality. Special thanks also to the volunteers, Ivana and Ljupcho from Johnson Matthey, whose participation reflects the company’s policy of encouraging employee involvement in volunteer activities. Their dedication significantly supported our scientific and educational initiatives, making this event truly unforgettable!

Heartfelt thanks to all our corporate partners, including Kostal Macedonia, Triglav osiguruvanje Makedonija, Alkaloid AD Skopje and special appreciation to Trimaks, and, whose support for educational initiatives is crucial for the local community.

Together, through the power of science and education, we are forging a brighter future for everyone!