Day 3 Recap: Ohrid High-Tech Excellence Camp Continues to Thrive!


Day 3 at the Ohrid High-Tech Excellence Camp proved to be yet another productive and enriching experience for our participants! One of the highlights was the visit to factory Kostal Macedonia, where they gained invaluable insights into the automotive industry. Witnessing how robots are utilized in production was an eye-opening and educational experience. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Kostal for providing this enlightening opportunity.

The day continued with more engaging sessions, including a fun-filled one with Young Engineers. Participants had a blast creating parking systems and windmill turbines, exploring the world of robotics in an interactive manner. Furthermore, we were delighted to introduce our new program partner, Brainster, who conducted a session focused on creativity and basic programming using FABLE components.

Amidst all the learning and innovation, the participants also enjoyed some fun beach activities, adding a touch of relaxation to their busy day. And to top it off, we had a delightful early evening session crafting the famous Macedonian earrings, celebrating our local culture and traditions.

We invite you to check out the pictures that capture the highlights of this incredible day at the #OhridHighTechCamp! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and experiences as the camp continues to unfold.