“Participating in the Leader project has been an amazing experience for me, that goes well beyond the key business issues addressed. The structural and interactive lectures and the case studies were very valuable for levelling up my leadership skills. I gained knowledge about the overall functioning of the business, which encouraged me even more in my personal career intention – to start a business. A year later, I am running my own consulting company successfully!”

Slavica TasevaFounder of Resources & Solutions, Career Coach, Trainer and HR & KPI Consultant

“The benefits of the program are enormous and they still resonate with me. I gained knowledge about the overall functioning of companies from the aspect of management, networked with professionals who are at the same level of professional development, and I took part in a mutual learning process through sharing experience, collaboration and support. The mentoring by experts from our country and abroad, who selflessly shared their knowledge and experience, gave me motivation for even greater professional development.”

Monika KostovskaRecruitment Manager/Business Development Manager in TFC Executives & Professionals, Netherlands

“My key takeaways from this experience include receiving valuable feedback from professionals with years of experience, understanding the “Funnel” that each entrepreneur has to face in order to become successful, and my personal favorite – the sales & marketing sessions that helped me better understand how to handle a potential real-life situation.”

Filip DzambazoskiMarketing Assistant in Impact Ventures

“Coming from a Business Informatics background and currently pursuing a master’s degree in AI, I strive to bridge business and society’s problems with the tech world and AI. Three main benefits of the program that helped me grow professionally include: i) learning about business models; ii) 1 on 1 mentoring by Canadian professionals and iii) exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals. I highly recommend the Program!”

Ervin ShaqiriTech enthusiast, Founder of www.vrtex.io and

“Being a part of this eminent and high-quality program is a big advantage to gain new knowledge, skills, and competences.  I highly recommend and encourage everyone who is looking for career development and is dedicated to a continuous learning process, to apply and go through this process to unlock their own leadership potential.”

Nadica StavrovaHuman Resources Business Partner, Teleperformance North Macedonia

“When I registered for this program, I was in the middle of a career transition to a field where business expertise is crucial. Looking back, it was a fascinating training that had such an impact on me. It changed my mindset, which I feel helped me land a position as a business intelligence analyst in a top firm.”

Filip ArsenovskiBusiness Intelligence Analyst, Cantab PI

“The LEADER Project was an interactive learning experience with interesting real-life case studies, delivered by top-notch mentors. The lectures were very thorough, structured, and very useful for our everyday business life.”

Monika RizovskaCo-founder of Ways2help, Women in Tech country ambassador & Growth Marketing Consultant