How Much and to What Extent Does the Average Macedonian Citizen has Mastered the Skills Needed for Normal Functioning in the Modern Digital Economy?

Introduction The future lies in digitalization and digital skills. Any country that aims to be a major player in the global economy or strives to reach the leading countries must focus on digitalization. Based on the main indicators, Macedonia lags behind the EU and the world in digitalization in all three segments: citizens, businesses and…

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Gender Analysis of the Similarities and Differences between Men and Women in Macedonia through the Prism of Digital Skills, Labor Market Conditions, and Representation in Science

The purpose of this analysis is to present certain measurable data and information on gender differences and gaps in the economy, education and society in Macedonia. It does not aim to be comprehensive, nor to offer guidelines and measures for overcoming gender differences, but to increase transparency and awareness of their existence. It starts with…

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Envisioning the Future of Jobs and Skills

Ever since the invention of the first cotton gin, steam engine and railroad track marking the beginning of the First Industrial Revolution in the early 1800’s, the world has experienced unprecedented changes in terms of the contours of the job market shifting the economy from mostly agricultural to predominantly industrial. Furthermore, the sudden shift did…

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