How Much and to What Extent Does the Average Macedonian Citizen has Mastered the Skills Needed for Normal Functioning in the Modern Digital Economy?

Introduction The future lies in digitalization and digital skills. Any country that aims to be a major player in the global economy or strives to reach the leading countries must focus on digitalization. Based on the main indicators, Macedonia lags behind the EU and the world in digitalization in all three segments: citizens, businesses and…

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Update about the Population Census 2021

The Macedonia2025 team held a second meeting with the director of the State Statistical Office, Mr. Apostol Simovski, and UMD president Meto Kolovski regarding the  Census 2021. At the meeting, concerns regarding the 2021 diaspora Census were discussed; in particular, these issues were related to the process and the Census questionnaire. Macedonia2025 has also held…

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The Second Module of the School of Policies 2021 has Successfully Ended

Yesterday has successfully ended the second module of the School of Policies 2021. Macedonia2025, which is one of the partner organizations of the Presidential Center for Political Education was organized in the spirit of democratic political values, promotion, and protection of human rights and freedom, political pluralism, mutual tolerance, unity, and solidarity. The School is…

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