Nevenka Dimitrova, CTO of Genome Informatics at Phillips becomes member of the Macedonia2025 Board

Nevenka Dimitrova, Ph.D., is a CTO of Genome Informatics at Philips and has been working for the corporation since 1995. Ms. Dimitrova was born in Negotino, Republic of Macedonia. With her technology passion and intrapreneurial mind, she has been in diverse areas of signal processing, cognition, genomics, healthcare informatics. She believes that innovation happens at the confluence of diverse disciplines…

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Macedonia2025 opens the doors for another Leader Project site in Serbia: CANSEE success story

 MK2025: Macedonia2025 received three participants from Serbia at the Leader Project in 2015. How did they relate their experience back in the organization and its members? CANSEE: All the entrepreneurs/participants from Serbia who had been selected to attend the 2015 Leader Project in Macedonia found the experience invaluable. They emphasize a highly relevant and practical curriculum that…

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