Official Invite for the Macedonia2025 Summit

  Dear friends of Macedonia2025, How hard is it to imagine a future in which humans have added few extra decades to their lives, where energy flows into homes and businesses without leaving a carbon footprint and where cities and nature coexist in a perfect balance? Scientific breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, medicine and green energy…

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Highlights from the MK2025 Reception in Vienna

On June 16 Macedonia2025 hosted a networking reception in Palais Kaiserhaus in Vienna. The event’s purpose was to create a meeting ground for professionals of Macedonian origin who live in Europe and to promote investment opportunities in Republic of Macedonia. The networking reception was attended by more than 100 guests and representatives of international institutions…

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Macedonia2025 officially part of the global family of IdEA

Macedonia2025 is proud to be part of the global family of IdEA, the International diaspora Engagement Alliance. Check us on their global map  HERE. IdEA promotes and supports diaspora-centered initiatives in countries and regions of diaspora origin. It is a non-partisan program that engages global diaspora communities, the private sector, civil society, and public institutions in…

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