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Who are the trend shapers, and what opportunities and challenges are lurking behind the corner in the media and telecom industry

The border between the global telecom providers and the media are coming to an end. We are first-seat viewers in the process of convergence and almost seamless links between the “classical” telecoms or cable operators with the media companies, where the services like communication, content distribution, and content production are not anymore only in the…

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Suan Hiang Lee and his Stand on the Economic Perspectives and Growth of Singapore

Suan Hiang Lee, a former senior civil servant in Singapore served as Deputy MD of Economic Development Board and CEO of Standards Productivity and Innovation Board, National Productivity Board, Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research and National Arts Council. He was also Chairman of PSB Corporation; Chairman of Singapore Note & Coin Advisory Committee;…

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Diaspora Investors round table, where Diaspora and governmental institutions come together

On September 21, for the second time Macedonia2025 will host the 2017 Diaspora Investors round table, an event that aims to gather the diaspora investors in Macedonia and provide them with a platform where they can share their investment story, and talk about their main challenges and their positive experiences so far. As an international, independent, nonpartisan and…

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