Macedonian Senior Managers Learn About Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence at the Exclusive Training on Transformational Coaching

Around thirty Macedonian senior-level managers had the chance to learn more about the notions of mindfulness and emotional intelligence from a top-notch transformational coach, inspirational speaker and meditation guide – Dragana Ognenovska. Through a careful mix of theoretical and practical approach, she inspired them to live more in the present, break through resistance patterns and begin operating from a place…

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Boost in Motivation and a Visible Performance Improvement – Kellogg School of Management

Exhilarating! Transformative! Indelible! The advanced Kellogg’s Executive Development Programme (EDP), set between the beautiful Evanston Campus and the lively Chicago Campus at Northwestern Kellogg University in Chicago – USA, impeccably conducted by Academic Directors Marian Powers and Brenda Ellington- Booth, provided me with immediately applicable tools to boost my performance at work upon returning home. This intensive three-week developmental course adds…

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