Fostering entrepreneurship, innovations and values-based leadership remain to be central to Macedonia2025 programs and activities

This past year marked the tenth year from establishing the organization and we are very happy with the progress achieved. Our efforts in raising awareness about the need for more investment and the continuous support for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, is what makes our organization invaluable to the economic advancement of Macedonia.  The great…

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Launch of Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO in Skopje

CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization) is an economic development organization working with partners and clients to create sustainable solutions that foster long-term economic and social growth. Thanks to the Bitove Family Foundation, Macedonia2025 in partnership with CESO, has established the Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program to support the development of Macedonian micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The program will…

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Thoughts on the proposed introduction of a progressive personal income tax

The government’s proposed progressive Personal Income Tax might hurt growth and is not the best answer for income inequality. There are calls for the government to reintroduce a progressive personal income tax. Macedonia2025 has surveyed some key foreign private companies about the change. These companies are very concerned about the negative impact of a progressive…

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