JELENA LAZOVA: The Executive education experience at Northwestern Kellogg

I was thrilled to be attending the Executive Development Program at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, in 2021. In general, I am very excited and impressed with the program; it exceeded my already set high expectations. Very interesting, inspirational and motivational, the program contains specific areas like financial lessons, accounting, marketing strategy, but also…

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Guest lecture as part of the advanced training “Introduction to Software Engineering and Robotics”

As part of the advanced training “Introduction to Software Engineering and Robotics”, which Macedonia2025 realizes in cooperation with Brainster, the participants had a unique opportunity to participate in a motivational lecture provided by Dr. Anu Mahajan, Founder and CEO of TinkRworks. The talented young participants enjoyed hearing Dr. Mahajan’s life story and a turning point that…

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Together, Let’s Build the Future Generation of Macedonian HIGH TECH Kids

Macedonia2025 is raising funds for implementation of programs for enhancing digital skills, as well as coding and robotics, among young underserved Macedonian youths. Given the right tools and support, kids will grow to reach their potential, becoming good and engaged citizens, ready for the future of jobs and skills. Furthermore, Macedonian youths from underprivileged backgrounds…

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