LIDIJA BUNDALESKA, The Executive Education Experience at Northwestern Kellogg

Kellogg EDP program was an extraordinary experience. Studying and exchanging knowledge and experience in the sophisticated environment of Nonwestern University on the bank of Lake Michigan was an additional inspiration. Kellogg School of Management composed a strategically focused Executive Development Program, designed and led by inspiring interdisciplinary professors, researchers, consultants, and experienced practitioners. Both parts of the program, online and in-person, were…

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Press Release OHTEC

Macedonia2025’s second Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp has ended Ohrid, July 16, 2022 – Macedonia2025 held the Ohrid Hi-Tech Excellence Camp for the second time, in the period from 10-16 July. Sixteen young people aged 10 to 15 from the country participated in the Camp, as well as young people of Macedonian origin from the USA,…

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Macedonia2025’s Position on the Fench Proposal

    MACEDONIA2025 CALLS FOR UNITY, TRANSPARENCY, AND PROTECTION OF MACEDONIAN NATIONAL INTERESTS IN THE PROCESS OF EU ACCESSION   Macedonia is part of Europe, shares its civic values, and contributes to its prosperity. Macedonia2025 strongly supports Macedonia’s goal to join the EU. Yet, our country is once again being asked to make unprecedented concessions…

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