Education and skills

Improving the Quality of Primary Education across the Western Balkans through Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Coding Skills for Students

Donor: British Council Time period: O3/2019-04/2020 Budget/grant: eur 20,000 Macedonia2025 is tasked to conduct an evaluation of the British Council, project titled “21st Century Schools”. In particular, British Council is implementing and sponsoring a 36 month programme supporting up to 1million 10-15 year olds across the Western Balkans with, coding, critical thinking and problem solving (CTPS) skills to…

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INTERVIEW: The CESO SACO Consultancy Provided Two Weeks of Full Focus on the Company’s Growth Strategy

Interview with Jean Duchaine, CESO SACO Volunteer Advisor and Viktor Mitrevski, CEO at The Bitove Family Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with CESO SACO   Mr. Mitrevski and Mr. Duchaine, could you both tell us something more about yourselves? Mitrevski: I am Viktor Mitrevski, currently working as the CEO of, a software development company…

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