Панел-дискусија: „Стручен кадар по мерка на бизнисот“

На панел-дискусијата „Стручен кадар по мерка на бизнисот“, организирана од Стопанската комора на Македонија, каде учествуваше и нашата главна извршна директорка, проф. д-р. Никица Мојсоска Блажевски, беше заклучено дека клучни се вештините и дека во бизнисот на 21 век не е важно што знаете, туку да знаете да го сработите. Тромаво образование кое е нефлексибилно…

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Female Entrepreneurship

Female Entrepreneurs and Canadian Experts: Mentorship, Development and Sustainability

Donor: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) Time period: 09/2018-02/2019 Budget/grant: 25,000 CAD The aim of the project was to empower female-led business associations by assigning CESO Volunteer Advisors who intensively worked with them to strengthen their organizational capacities. Namely, three Volunteer Advisors provided technical assistance to Macedonian female-led associations, working in the sphere of advocacy for female…

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research articles

Digital Platform Companies: The Business Model of the Future?

Technological innovations and artificial intelligence are disrupting the social, economic and business activities, thus affecting the overall structure of the economy as we know it. Digitalization is creating new opportunities and a growing number of firms are functioning beyond the traditional models and boundaries. A new type of ‘platform business model’ has emerged, utilizing online…

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