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Towards Reducing the Bureaucracy Burden (Bureaucracy Index)

Donor: Civica Mobilitas Time period: 01/06/2020 – 01/09/2021 Budget/grant: MKD 1,707,338 The “Bureaucracy Index” is a simple and transparent quantification of the term ”red tape”, which is mentioned in the media every day, but rarely in any quantitative terms. Globally, there are a variety of indexes and competitiveness rankings methods that comprehensively assess the quality of law…

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Macedonia Country Dashboard – 2019 Q4 update

1. Gross domestic product: GDP growth in 2019Q4 was relatively high at 3.4 percent YoY, contributing to the 3.6 percent annual growth for the year (graph 1). Graph 1: Real GDP growth, quarterly data Source: State Statistical Office of Macedonia In production terms, all economic sectors had a positive contribution for the quarter except manufacturing…

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