Interview with Petar Spaseski from Hatch

You lived in Australia and moved back to Macedonia. What was your motivation to make the move? Well, to complete the picture I was born and lived in Macedonia till the age of 18, then I moved to Australia. Education in a broader sense was the motivation behind the initial move out of Macedonia. After…

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If you wish to succeed in the US market, you should be investing in your employees, marketing, public relations, and modernising your business

The Macedonia2025 second IT/BPO workshop was very informative and productive.  Alex Pantic the CEO of Kinetiq Solutions and our keynote speaker, did a great job in summarizing the benefits of PR and marketing for the Macedonian IT companies. He also pinpointed great tips of doing business with US companies. We also thank Emil Matevski for…

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Nine Editions of the Leader Project in Macedonia make a difference

This year’s Leader Project has its ninth edition in Macedonia. That means nine years of professional business education for Macedonia’s most proactive business professionals and entrepreneurs. With over 200 alumni, an expanding reach and cooperation with other organizations from the region, the Leader Project is the most influential business skills training ever to take place…

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