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Zafirovski Executive Education Program is Expanding

By Friday November 17th, 2017Announcements

On 31st October, 2017, just one year after the official start of the Zafirovski Executive Education Program, Mike Zafirovski introduced an expansion of the program with a new course called Advanced Management Program. Providing scholarships to the Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Development Program, this is the first program in Macedonia that connects company executives to world-class executive education courses at a top-ranked business school in the United States.

The program is intended to enhance the competencies and performance of the participants and by that extension, to contribute to the growth of companies in Macedonia and their role in the economic development of the country. The newly introduced course is aimed for senior executives with a minimum of 20 years of business experience, including 5 to 10 years in general management or senior functional role.

The goal of this program is to find people who do well in the office and accelerate their development! I mean, why spend so many hours in the office if you cannot be the best? Invest in yourself, and invest in your best employees. And this program gives you exactly that. After a certain point in your career, you need an outside boost. Having the best business minds as your mentors, this is the program that will bring your career to the next level.” –Mike Zafirovski

The purpose in mind with this course is to develop senior executive leadership agility, acquire requisite leadership abilities to foster talent, prepare for the unknown and identify and articulate a compelling vision, as well as prepare to lead high-performance teams, effective organizations and vibrant communities. As various challenges and opportunities can rise almost instantaneously, this course is willing to create leaders that can equip their organization by creating structures, developing partnership and building connections within a broader ecosystem.

The first few individuals interested in attending this course can do that already by next year, Oct. 14 – Nov. 2, 2018. The fee for the overall program is $43,100, a fee that includes lodging and most meals. But fear not, there are scholarships available for all interested parties. Macedonia2025, together with Kellogg School of Management will cover more than 80% of the overall course fee, bringing your commitment down to $8000 (plus travel costs).

Macedonia2025 will provide scholarship to 3 participants per year for the Advanced Management Program, all selected by international jury. Macedonia2025 will help with the admission process, visa requirements and other necessary logistics, will assist with networking and support around personal coaching as well as administer the program through in-house administration & international advisory committee.

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