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The Leader Project enriched the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Macedonia with 40 new members

By Thursday May 26th, 2016Announcements

On Friday, May 20, forty participants of the Leader Project in Skopje presented their business plans in order to complete the ten-day, MBA-styled training course provided by the Richard Ivey Business School in Canada. Each participant was given four minutes to convince the jury comprised of senior business professionals and the instructors, about the feasibility and sustainability of their business plans. The jury, in turn, had one minute to ask questions and receive answers related to the business plan.

This setting created an atmosphere of pressure and excitement, something which the participants dearly needed to find out how convincing they can be when facing a potential business partner, buyer or an investor. What the Leader Project provided to these unique individuals was the structured learning through the examination of real-life case-studies of business successes and failures, which are part of the Richard Ivey MBA curriculum.

Macedonia2025 is proud to say that this ninth edition of the Leader Project was a measuring tool for the advancement of entrepreneurs and managers in Macedonia. It has become evident through the interaction between the participants, the questions they asked and the answers they provided to each other, that they understand business and entrepreneurship in a much broader sense. The Leader training was something that they needed in order to cross-check their business acumen and give each-other the necessary push towards accomplishing their entrepreneurial spirits.

Besides the amazing learning opportunity, the Leader Project is an excellent tool for networking. The instructors, participants and other Macedonia2025 members and supporters had many opportunities to meet in an informal setting and discuss potential cooperation.

Additionally, Macedonia2025 on May 18th organized its traditional Leader Project Alumni Networking Reception. We had the opportunity to have once again as a distinguished speaker the Ambassador of Canada to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, H.E. Philip Pinnington. He accentuated how delighted he is by the work that Macedonia2025 does and thanked the organization for the recommendation and help in opening a new Leader site in Serbia. The event was attended by around 100 current and past participants of the project and MK2025 friends. They had the opportunity to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere and taste Macedonian delicious food.

Thanks to the cooperation and mutual support between Macedonia2025, the Macedonian diaspora and Richard Ivey, entrepreneurs in Macedonia had the opportunity to improve on their way towards building professional success. In addition to that, Macedonia2025 has opened the call for application to participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina this year, thus making the Leader Project regional in character and providing opportunities for networking and cooperation between the participants. Overall, this is another successful year for the Leader Project site in Macedonia and our team and all the applicants who did not make it this year, are looking forward to the next edition of the Richard Ivey MBA-styled program.

We would like to sincerely thank all our corporate partners and sponsors who contributed towards the realization of this successful program.

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