Policy Contribution 1/2020: Covid-19 Anti-Crisis Measures – Weekly Update

It all began as a health crisis, far from Europe and Macedonia, but Covid-19 quickly lead to a global economic crisis. Stock markets crashed, oil prices dropped sharply, production stopped, factories and shops began to close, and workers were sent on forced leave. The crisis has just begun and companies are already making losses, facing…

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Policy Contributions

Policy Contribution: Are Macedonian Wages Low or High – Wage Comparison between Western Balkan Countries and Comparator EU Member States

In Economics, wages are considered as price of labor. They should reflect worker’s productivity, i.e. what the worker produces or what is his/her value to the company. Wages are important as they largely affect the living standard of workers and their families, but are also a source of demand in the economy, and hence are…

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