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January 2018

Great Opportunity to Connect, Upgrade and Share!

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Education, especially non-formal one is a key factor to upgrading a professional profile in a structured and organized manner. Thanks to Macedonia2025 I was given the opportunity for higher achievement in my professional career and was able to gain solid basis for further upgrade and update.

An enormous value can be gained from being part of this program and it’s something every entrepreneur should be considering. It leads to new relationships and connections, partnerships, business ideas and even new clients and customers. 


Macedonia2025 was a great support for me during the entire process. Besides the scholarship for a one-week executive educational program in one of the world’s top ranked schools in Canada – Schulich School of Business at York University I was awarded with, I also had an opportunity to shadow the manager at GoTransit – the regional public transit service.

I chose the program – Leadership competences, which is an excellent business program with a focus on leadership. It was very well executed course with excellent trainers. The classes were focused and very thought-provoking, providing practical applications and personal experiences. The advice and counseling from the outstanding professors proved invaluable in helping me achieve my personal objectives and becoming a better leader. The course offered diverse topics and covered subject areas that included:

  • Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Financial Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Creating High Performance Workplace
  • Globalization
  • Navigating Future of Risk Management

The class meetings were challenging, promoted critical thinking and offered us the chance to build a robust skill-set applicable to our businesses. Sharing the experience with leaders of great companies is always a good chance to promote good practices.

Regarding the job-shadowing, it was one great week of international work experience. Go Transit is a regional public transit system in Southern Ontario, Canada, serving the Golden Horseshoeregion. The company’s mission is to champion, develop and implement an integrated transportation system in the region by providing train and bus transportation. It aims in delivering mobility solutions which connect people, places and communities throughout the region. GoTransit is providing system length of 452 kilometers by rail and 2,785 kilometers by bus with annual ride ship of 69.5 million passengers and annual revenue of $479.5 million. I was hosted in the division of Business Systems and Administrative Services that incorporates 16 employees, caring about the strategy development of the company. I was given the opportunity to take part of all working sessions from the new developing ongoing projects, as well as in the daily activities of this department. Throughout the job shadowing, I had the opportunity to share and discuss the challenges that the companies are facing. What is more, I got acquainted to the working culture in other country, that broadened my perspective in the way of seeing different understanding and communication.

My sincere thanks to everyone, especially Mr. Steve Sarafinovski for helping me navigate through the great one-week experience. Finally, I would like to stress that there are many benefits of being part of Macedonia2025’s programs, but the most important one is the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, which ensures longevity that in turn is a MUST for achieving success. I strongly believe that being given the opportunity to be part of this program will be of an immense value to everyone’s professional career advancement for one reason – making all of us capable of creating better performing workplaces in the companies that we work in and within our country as well.

Thank you for all your help and encouragement!

Pljakoska Svetlana, Managing Director, Olympia Motors – Macedonia

Are you a manager or executive from Macedonia who wants this kind of experience? Then apply to this year’s open call for a chance to get a scholarship!

Open Call for Participants – Summer Diaspora Business Trip 2018

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Open Call for Participants

 Macedonia2025 Summer Diaspora Business Trip 2018


13-27 July

Are you a recent college graduate or a young professional of Macedonian origin?

Would you like to visit your country of origin and get acquainted with many like-minded Macedonians who are eager to meet and network with you?

Would you like to spend two weeks interning at a prominent Macedonian company and discover many new career and business opportunities?


If your answers to these questions are YES, then you fit the profile of the perfect candidate. Don’t let this summer be like every other. Be bold, trust your intuition and challenge yourself! Apply for the chance to be part of an unforgettable FREE summer experience – The Summer Diaspora Business Trip 2018!

COME BACK to Macedonia! Learn, advance, network and take everything you need out of this experience, so one day you can GIVE BACK to the country as an ambassador, investor or donor.

We want to encourage young Macedonians from around the world to rekindle their connection with the country and to map out and find our future ambassadors and enthusiasts that are ready to give back to Macedonia! Participants will also have the possibility to add to the development of their careers and explore the opportunities for doing businessThis program is an example how Macedonia2025, Macedonian companies and institutions can provide the young people with opportunities and help pave the way for professional and personal development.

The chairman of Summer Diaspora Business Trip is the CEO/MB of Alkaloid AD Skopje (a leading pharmaceutical company in South-Eastern Europe from Macedonia) and Macedonia2025 Board Member – Zhivko Mukaetov.


The Summer Diaspora Business Trip includes:

  • Two-week internship at a renowned Macedonian company or organization;
  • Visits to several cities, notable archeological sites, popular historic locations and festivals throughout Macedonia;
  • Networking activities which will provide solid ground for future cooperation between participants and Macedonian companies
  • Possibility to discover Macedonian cuisine, customs and culture;
  • Opportunity to spend a unique, unforegetabble and enriching summer experince.


Costs and Accommodation:

Macedonia2025 will cover the full cost of accommodation during the two-week business trip.

All other costs need to be covered by the participant.


Travel Grants:

PLEASE NOTE: Macedonia2025 provides travel grants for selected candidates:

Travel grants available:

  • North America, Australia & Asia applicants – $500 per person;
  • Europe applicants- $150 per person;
  • Regional applicants- $50 per person.


Application Process:

To apply please click HERE to fill out the application form and upload your CV by 15 May 2018.

Our Visionary Founder Mr. John Bitove Sr. once said – “We will receive as long as we give from the bottom of our hearts.” This Summer Diaspora Business Trip is the ultimate opportunity to do this.

If you recognize our motto and are ready to give back to Macedonia, don’t hesitate to apply! We’re waiting for your applications.

For any additional information, please contact


This program enriched my professional life, broadened my horizons and connected me with an impressive international group of peers

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My participation in the Executive Development Program at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USA, enriched my professional life, broadened my horizons and connected me with an impressive international group of peers.

The program gave me new perspectives on leadership, the importance of networking, the specificity and need for developing global negotiation skills. I had an opportunity to learn from amazing professors, to participate in simulation cases connected with operations and data analytics, to analyze excellent examples for finance and accounting, to create a marketing strategy and how to evaluate investment projects. I also realized the importance of creating strategic alliances, as well as gain a better understanding of business innovation and creating new customer value.

The group exercises and case discussions were phenomenal, since learning groups were very diverse with people coming from different countries, cultures, industries and with various experience.

Special inspiration for me were the coaching sessions. I have decided to change myself and to make the necessary balance between my professional and personal life. I realized the need for building deeper professional relationships and the importance of communication skills. I learned that the biggest strengths at the same time can become biggest weaknesses. I believe that all of this would ultimately make me a more effective leader.

Throughout the program, I also developed new tools to drive efficiency and growth within my team and my company. Now, I not only have a deeper understanding of my side of the business and how to apply that expertise in my day-to-day responsibilities, I also have a stronger cross-functional understanding that will help me find solutions to a broader set of company challenges.

And last but not the least! Today, I have a lot of new good friends all over the world!


Petar Ribarski, MBA

General Manager