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November 2016

The Goal Book by Peter Jumrukovski: How to Achieve Your Dreams and Create a Better Life

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We got in touch with Peter Jumrukovski, author of “The Goal Book: How to Achieve Your Dreams and Create a Better Life.” By following his own recipe for success, Peter has won a medal at a World Championship in shotokan and eight national karate championships in Sweden. He has become a successful marketing salesman and has also fulfilled his childhood dream of moving to Los Angeles. But he is not stopping there.

Peter wants to share his recipe for success with the world. The book has received acclaim by professional and amateur athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, and just about everyone who wants to achieve their goals in life. The Goal Book is a friend who offers the best practical advices and tasks that can help you achieve your goals, regardless if they are simple or life-changing.

You are a karate champion. Are there methods in your book that helped you to win a World Championship bronze medal?

Yes, everything I write about is tools that I have used myself to become a successful athlete. I have learned these tools from some of the best coaches (including my father Slafko Jumrukovski), authors and athletes around the world. I made that work for me and now I want to share my success with you.


Can your method be implemented in a corporate/business setting? 

Yes, the simple method of working with goal settings that I write about can be used in any area. I used the tools myself to write the book in 40 days and to double the revenue in my own business.

What message do you want to send to Macedonians around the world?

Even though I was not born in Macedonia I am very proud to be Macedonian. I love my country and my people. Even though I know that there is poverty in Macedonia, there is always room to improve your life if you start thinking about the small things that you can do in your everyday life, in order to live healthier and wealthier. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have problems, but we must search for the solutions instead of feeling sorry for ourselves.

Peter says “I have tried to make everything as simple and practical as possible to easily let you work your way towards your goals”. The first two chapters of his book (that you can read for free here) show that anyone can make set higher goals in his or her life.

Get your copy of The Goal Book and start creating the life that you want to live.

Aleksandar Stamenkovic – A wonderful experience and prompt model for networking and knowledge sharing

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Mr. Aleksandar Stamenkovic, MSc, EMBA, is an Organizational Manager of Public University Hospital for Traumatology, Orthopedic diseases, Anesthesiology, Reanimation and Intensive Care and Urgent care Center in Skopje.

Aleksandar attended the course ‘Certificate in Enterprise Analysis and Consulting’ at Schulich School of Business Executive Centre, during which he made a one-week job shadowing at Purpose Investments Inc.

Bellow you can read an overview about his experience as a fellow for the program ‘Macedonia 2025 Executive Visit’.

I will try here briefly and precisely to recapture the experience which I gained during my Macedonia 2025 Executive Visit in Toronto, Canada.

I found the given opportunity, and therefore the experience gained, to be a unique one because of its capacity to enable the participant(s) (i.e. the Macedonia 2025 fellows) to observe the way in which the processes in a well-developed company are being structured. Since the method of observation is well-established and often used model of qualitative research, it is fair to claim that the observing capacity which I was given as a Macedonia 2025 Fellow in Canada enabled me to compare the work of Canadian businesses (and/or public sectors) with the ‘Macedonian ways’ of organizational functioning, and to finally assess which elements of the Canadian organizational processes may be developed and used within the Macedonian context, and how.

In addition to my direct involvement in the daily functioning of a particular company in Toronto, I was also taking part in a course especially designed to theoretically support the knowledge that I was practically absorbing within the company. This course was given by two professionals who have significant knowledge and experience in conducting enterprise analysis and strategic consulting.The first lecturer, Mr. Michel Nettleton, CMC, is a partner at Stevenson Kellogg Inc. who has an extensive background in change management & mobilization, strategic & directional planning, business process innovation, and corporate governance. His clients represent numerous companies working in health care, manufacturing, service organizations, public, and educational institutions. He has been a Chair of the Boards of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. He has also been identified as a Pioneer in the online social commons, with particular focus on governance and operation of online peer support initiatives.The second lecturer, Mr. Haig Baronikian, PhD, PMP, P Eng, is a Founder and President of eFuel Partners Inc. He has a background in system engineering, marketing, corporate strategy system integration, R&D in telecom, IT, eLearning, and eHelath sectors.  Haig has spent about 18 years in gaining extensive professional experience in leadership roles at Bell. Mr. Baronikian teaches PM, innovation and strategy topics, at the University of Toronto.


The overall course syllabus which I followed was framed as a comprehensive mix of professional, educational, and behavioral areas of business operations. It was simultaneously delivered by Mike and Haig who were corresponding and mutually reinforcing their presentations with theory, experience and practice.The whole course contained 17 modules covering multiple topics, including Enterprise Analysis and Consulting, Business Strategy, Risk Management, Change Management, Business Models, Project Portfolio Management, Innovation and Business Solution, and so on. The lecturers were delivered in a way that every theoretical hypothesis or definition was accompanied with an example or more from practice. Such processes always culminated developing a simulation of real Enterprise Analysis, by using the provided theory and the lessons learnt from the given practical examples. The final product of such simulation would derive into a presentation about, and therefore a prediction on, the further steps of the given company. This simulation(s) covered all areas of enterprise analysis, including activities such as interviews with the CEO, contacting peer groups, industry analysis, and so on. Having said that, it is prompt to confidently conclude that the course, due to the way in which it was delivered, prepared the participants to obtain knowledge, qualifications, and confidence to timely and effectively act as experienced advisors of different companies.


The second part of my professional visit to Canada as a Macedonia 2025 Fellow encompassed job shadowing at Purpose Investments. I was privileged to directly observe the processes and activities of one of the most progressive investment companies in Canada. Purpose Investments is an asset management company inspired by the belief that all investors should have access to valuable investment products for low fees. Purpose Investment’s work is based on the believe that the primary focus of organizational functioning should be given to managing risk while creating value which are currently missing from the marketplace. Such focus should empower Canadians to be better investors. Under such organizational management and framework scope Purpose Investments has gained over $2.4 billion in assets. It currently offers 37 exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and closed-end funds across multiple asset classes. It also deals with both, traditional and alternative investment strategies. Led by Mr. Som Seif who is the founder and CEO of Purpose Investments Inc., the company is one of the best recognized financial firms. It has also been acknowledged amongst its investors as a reliable and a profitable company, which is in the same time secure and sustainable. It is worth noting that Mr. Seif formed Purpose following the sale of Claymore Investments to BlackRock Inc. which he started in Canada and was the former President and CEO. This only proves his extensive financial experience, which has been well accompanied and boosted with his educational achievements in engineering, obtained from the University of Toronto.


During my visit at Purpose I was honored to participate at the company’s meetings, therefore observing how the motivation-maintaining and decision-making processes are driven, as well as how activities and duties are divided between different departments within the organization. Additionally, it was very important for me to follow and observe communication and solution based techniques which were used within the organization. I got to learn that these techniques are notably more developed in the Canadian organization functioning than they are within the approach which is mostly used in the Macedonian context. Importantly, however, these techniques in Canada are significantly supported by some very helpful IT tools, which can surely be applied at, and therefore be very useful for, the organization that I manage, as well as for the Macedonian organizational context in general.

I would simply conclude this note with congratulating and thanking Macedonia 2025 for giving me, and others, the opportunity to take part in its professional cooperation with the Schulich School of Business and the certain Canadian companies, which I find to be a wonderful experience and prompt model for networking and knowledge sharing between the two communities. I would also like to thank Mr. Vlad Tasevski from Purpose Investments for allowing me to observe corporate leadership schemes from a different perspective, which I strongly believe that will have positive impact onboth, my career and the work of the organization which I currently manage. I am strongly recommending the project of Macedonia 2025 to all professionals who want to upgrade both, their knowledge and practical skills in organizational management. 

The 2016 Macedonia2025 Summit: Casting a positive influence towards creating the right development mindset

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The completion of the fifth Summit marked a milestone for Macedonia2025. We succeeded again in creating and organizing one of a kind event that inspires cooperation and economic development in the country. Thanks to the dedication of representatives of the professional diaspora, we were able to harness the expertise of 40 people from around 20 countries around the world who spoke on topics high significance for the future of Macedonia.

The Summit cast its positive influence in a time of political crisis, which is also seen as a crisis of perspective for Macedonia. The presentations and discussions supported the platform in which companies and experts can put their mind towards improving our ability to make better products and services, implement new technologies and substitute the burning of fossil fuels with more efficient and eco-friendly sources of energy.

So it was not a coincidence that Macedonia2025 received so many encouraging remarks, which essentially summarized the impression that the Summit gives people confidence and encourages them to pursuit cooperation with companies from around the world. This influence of the Summit is irreplaceable and Macedonia2025 is determined to extend it and build on it.

The theme that we selected is concurrent with developments around the world and in Macedonia, especially regarding energy independence, reliance on sustainable sources, smart technologies and abating pollution. The panels dedicated to green and smart technologies created a perspective for the ways in which we can decrease our carbon footprint and this is especially relevant now since in the last ten years, the number of motor vehicles has marked a significant increase, especially in Skopje.

Our post-event survey confirms that the theme of the Summit is deemed relevant by the participants. Two of the most influential panels that were specified by the respondents were Changing the World with Technology Innovation (53%) and Sustainable Innovation and Technology (46%). In the time ahead, we are going to promote conclusions from these and other panels and share them with experts, entrepreneurs, as well as decision makers in order to accelerate the adoption of new measures and technologies that will benefit the development of the country.

Finally, without the diaspora, Macedonia would be short of a world-class event that enables local professionals engage in and reflect on the global business dynamic. The Summit was made possible by the people and companies in Macedonia and abroad that believe in our vision, but also by the participants who a proactive in playing a more dedicated role in the development of the country.