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June 2016

Highlights from the MK2025 Reception in Vienna

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On June 16 Macedonia2025 hosted a networking reception in Palais Kaiserhaus in Vienna. The event’s purpose was to create a meeting ground for professionals of Macedonian origin who live in Europe and to promote investment opportunities in Republic of Macedonia. The networking reception was attended by more than 100 guests and representatives of international institutions such as The World Bank, financial and insurance companies, as well as representatives of domestic and foreign investments in Macedonia.

The reception was announced open by the co-founder of Macedonia2025 and Canadian entrepreneur of Macedonian origin, John Bitove Jr. In his address Mr. Bitove talked about the growth of the organization into a driving force in connecting entrepreneurs and supporting economic development in Macedonia. He stated: “There are many people in the diaspora who are inspired to start a company in Republic of Macedonia or to make another form of nonmaterial contribution. We all know that investing is not a simple process, but when it comes to Macedonia, it is really worth to explore its potentials and it is worth to contribute to the professional development there, for which there are many ways. I know that those who are present here are motivated to somehow be involved in the country and therefore I invite everyone to explore the possibilities for doing business in Republic of Macedonia.”

The reception in Vienna reflected the solid business relations between Macedonia and Austria which last for more than twenty years. With the aim to expand this good cooperation, there were three panel discussions at the event which presented the possibilities for investing in Macedonia, from the perspective of investors. We had Euromax Resources, Austrian Airlines, Advantage Austria and SEAF Fund representatives who talked about the successes in doing business with Macedonia. Macedonian entrepreneurs and managers such as Zhivko Mukaetov, Alkaloid AD Skopje, Kosta Petrov, P World, Petar Lazarov, Mamas and Petar Spaseski. Hutch presented their success stories which have become part of the global trade of goods and services. The panel titled “Promoting Macedonia around the World” addressed the need of increased formal and informal constructive promotion of the country around the world. The representatives of Macedonia2025 expressed special praise for the contribution of the attending professionals whose origins are in Macedonia, such as Robert Arsov, Kire Ilioski, Kiril Savovski, Loran Pejcinoski, Snezana Zivcevska, Professor Vlado Dimovski, Metodija Papazoski and others, who spoke about the importance of giving back to the homeland.


he keynote speakers of the Networking Reception, Mr. Michael Kraus – founder of Donau Finanz and Owner of Palais Kaiserhaus and Mr. Marco Mantovanelli – the World Bank Country Manager for Macedonia and Kosovo, underscored the need for Macedonia to integrate further within the economy of Europe through increased professional and business cooperation. The speakers were unanimous in the conclusion that Republic of Macedonia can improve its production capacities and that people there should improve their business competences towards increasing the cooperation between domestic and foreign companies.

The Macedonia2025 Chairman, Mr. Robert Arsov spoke about the Macedonia2025 Educational Fund and some of the upcoming activities that the organization will implement.

The Networking Reception in Vienna is the second event after Paris, whose aim is to connect professionals of Macedonian origin in Europe and expand the network of professionals and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the development of business and non-formal business education in the country.

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors Quehenberger Logistics, Winner Insurance, Donau Finanz and our in kind donors Zdravje Radovo, Tikves Winery, Ristorante Noli, Mama;s, Kolid S Team for helping us in implementation of this excellent event.

In addtion to this announcement we present you some of the impressions:


I would also like to congratulate you and your team for an excellently organized event. As always, you have proved to be a great host

Emilija Dukovski, Development/ Finance Manager, GIK,Project HOPE, The People to People Health Foundation

The Informal Dinner at the Sole Restaurant in Vienna, Austria

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Yesterday, a day before the beginning of the Networking Reception in Vienna, Macedonia2025 hosted an informal dinner at the Sole Restaurant in Vienna. The restaurant Sole, is owned by Aki Nuredini. The restaurant with 30 years of tradition is a total harmony of architecture, tastes and music in the center of Vienna.

Around thirty people, including some of the event speakers, sponsors and donors representatives, as well as Board members and Leaders Club members of Macedonia2025 attended the dinner. Macedonia2025’s chairman, Robert Arsov, the host of the event and a Leaders club member, Kiril Savovski, addressed the guests and expressed their gratitude and happiness to be able to host such an amazing event in the heart of Europe.

Macedonia2025 officially part of the global family of IdEA

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Macedonia2025 is proud to be part of the global family of IdEA, the International diaspora Engagement Alliance. Check us on their global map  HERE.

IdEA promotes and supports diaspora-centered initiatives in countries and regions of diaspora origin. It is a non-partisan program that engages global diaspora communities, the private sector, civil society, and public institutions in collaborative efforts to support economic and social development.

Macedonia2025 itself is a diaspora-based organization that works to connect individuals globally in order to create job opportunities in Macedonia and help the country advance economically. Although the organization has reached out to and connected with many people, there are still hundreds of Macedonians around the world who have not yet become part of the initiative of helping Macedonia become a better country.