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April 2016

Diaspora professional Filip Misovski organized a successful pilot boot camp for Macedonian IT engineers

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Filip Misovski is a product executive working for 16 years at SAP, Germany and a supporter of Macedonia2025. At the Macedonia Economic Summit, Filip spoke on the panel titled “Transforming Macedonia into a hub for smart industries” where he noted that there is a solid talent base in the region that can be part of the next generation opportunities in the IT sector. To support the development of this talent pool, Filip with the support of SAP, organized a digital boot camp – a first of its kind ever to take place in Macedonia earlier this year.  And the boot camp has been successful.

All of the materials for the students, such as videos, exercises, engineering and development tools were prepared by SAP and could be accessed online by the 15 participants applied for the boot camp. Filip himself coached the participants through the process, introduced them to the curriculum and was available to answer any questions. Each week, there was a live check-point through Skype group session in order to summarize what has been learned during that week and to prepare the material and learning points for the next week. This way, the boot camp covered two big engineering areas for in-memory database and cloud computing. In each area, there were 4 dedicated classes which contained two to three months’ worth of learning material.

Seven participants were able to persist to the end and are at the moment working on SAP-related projects in different organizations. According to Filip, those who gave up could not really take the weight of the material or dedicate the necessary time and focus on learning.  This, says Filip, is a great way for engineers to test and challenge themselves while paving the road for a more successful career. An interesting fact about the boot camp is that half of the participants were female which speaks about an equal distribution of engineers in Macedonia.  It’s absolutely a positive thing to maintain diversity leading to more successful projects.

Following the pilot boot camp, the question is what’s next? SAP is continuing to invest in latest and greatest courses and material for technology and solutions that 300,000 customers use globally.   More engineers and product specialists will need to be educated and ready in the market, so we are looking at a second boot camp that will be focused on technical / engineering as well as a business / consulting track.

Macedonia2025 invites all people in the IT and MBA sphere to prepare themselves for a good challenge and anticipate the Wave 2 boot camp.  We will let everyone know through our social media pages, so stay connected!

Transmet, the new corporate partner of Macedonia2025

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Macedonia2025 is proud to welcome Transmet, our new corporate partner and donor to the organization’s education programs. With more than 20 years of experience the company gradually expanded into one of the top construction companies in Macedonia and the surrounding region employing more than 500 employees. Transmet excels in mining, civil engineering works, complete construction of objects and infrastructure and holds several international ISO certificates.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Sead Kocan supports Macedonia2025 with the conviction that our organization makes a significant impact on the country’s economy and education. Mr. Kocan stated: “Macedonia2025 is an organization that has a global character. Its members are some of the best informal ambassadors of Macedonia. It is my honor that Transmet is going to support the organization and with that, the efforts of our country to achieve better economic development. In the period ahead the organization is organizing many interesting events which I believe are going to increase the cooperation between Macedonia and investors from around the world.”

Macedonia2025 is delighted for having a corporate partner in Mr. Kocan and his company Transmet and looks forward to utilizing the funds for the advancement of some of the best young professionals in Macedonia

The British Foundation – Kiril Trajkovski donates a library to the Macedonian Archaeological Museum in Skopje

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Last week the Macedonia2025 team was honored to attend the event organized by the British Foundation – Kiril Trajkovski which donated a library of books and records written and collected by Kiril Trajkovski – Macedonian archeologist who has spent his whole life connecting the pieces of our national history.

The ceremony itself happened at the Archaeological Museum in Skopje and was opened by Mrs. Slavica Waite, Executive Director of the Foundation and MK2025 Education Board Member. She has shortly presented the activities of the Foundation Kiril Trajkovski within the United Kingdom and Macedonia.  The Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in the UK and the Minister of Culture Mrs. Elizabeta Kanchevska – Milevska also addressed the audience and accentuated the importance of Trajkovski’s work and his personal motivation to explore every single angle of our territory. Unfortunately he didn’t manage to finish his mission completely due to his early death.

Macedonia2025 is proud to have members such as Mrs. Waite on board who continuously give back through unique initiatives.

See the documentary about event bellow or visit Foundation’s website HERE.

Nevenka Dimitrova, CTO of Genome Informatics at Phillips becomes member of the Macedonia2025 Board

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Nevenka Dimitrova, Ph.D., is a CTO of Genome Informatics at Philips and has been working for the corporation since 1995. Ms. Dimitrova was born in Negotino, Republic of Macedonia. With her technology passion and intrapreneurial mind, she has been in diverse areas of signal processing, cognition, genomics, healthcare informatics. She believes that innovation happens at the confluence of diverse disciplines and cultures, and has led collaborations with with research institutes and companies.  Her bibliography contains over 130 scientific articles and 50 issued patents.  Recently she has been given the Gilles Holst award – the highest science and technology peer recognition prize at Philips.

Macedonia2025 is proud to diversify our Board of Directors with a member who works in the field of science and technology. Ms. Dimitrova has held visiting scientist positions at various universities including Columbia University, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  in New York and at Bangalore Phillips Research Laboratory in India and we are looking forward to her contribution and cooperation with scientific institutes in Macedonia.

Ms. Dimitrova is also interested in healthy food and sustainable living and has investment in Macedonia in this sector. She is one of the founders of the company Seed of Life in Negotino that introduces raw vegan food products on the market based on seeds and organic fruit.


Leaders Club, expanded: Bigger team for bigger expectations

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In 2011 Macedonia2025 opened its office in Skopje in order to bring its activities closer to where they were meant to make an impact. Since then, the number of people who are supporting and contributing our organization has grown. Thanks to their dedication, Macedonia2025 was able to expand its activities and connect more people and companies around the world. Conversely, we are happy to have helped increase the number of people who connect through Macedonia2025.

In addition to the Board of Directors which is comprised of career professionals, our organization is all the more successful thanks to the Leaders Club. This group of people is mostly made of younger professionals who have marked great achievements in their careers and in their fields of expertise. Furthermore, we are especially proud that even though they have very busy schedules, they still take on the responsibility to contribute to Macedonia. Their involvement with our organization gives the Republic of Macedonia many informal ambassadors who connect people and companies, lead the topic of economic and societal development and build bridges between Macedonia and countries around the world.

In the course of the last year the organization was approached by new members who are located in Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Australia, France, Poland, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, USA and Canada. By being located in several continents, this group of people provides our organization with greater international reach. The members of the Leaders Club are return expatriates who have invested in Macedonia, academicians and scientists who conduct research and formulate policies, investment bankers, assets managers, IT professionals and entrepreneurs. The Leaders Club members complete our organization and make an important contribution towards the fulfillment of our goals and mission. There is no lack of projects when it comes to building Macedonia up. In the period that leads up to the year which defines our organization, members of the Leaders Club will have the opportunity to undertake exciting challenges and respond to calls to action.

The economy of Macedonia has been developing in the past twenty years and there is not a single solution how that process should be completed. In the globalized world driven by international trade, organizations and countries are bracing for both anticipated and unanticipated changes that create or destroy entire industries and sectors. The expert opinion and research by the Macedonia2025 Leaders Club members can make a crucial difference for certain sectors and companies. The right advice or idea may spur innovation that may give certain advantages to the domestic economy. Although foreign investments have an undeniable impact on economic development in Macedonia in that they help the country connect globally with industrial zones and consumers from all over the world, it is equally important for the number of successful small and medium sized companies to increase. The Leaders Club can help in that regard by presenting their ideas to representatives and stakeholders in the various sectors in Macedonia and by organizing lectures and presentations that are designed to inspire discussion and innovation. In this regard the organization is always open to initiative from our members.

Macedonia2025 is grateful to the past and recent young leaders for their dedication in the joint effort of making a better and more beautiful Republic of Macedonia:

Nikola Kjurchiski, MA is a Research Analyst at the Center for Resource Economics affiliated to the Russian Presidential Academy (RANEPA).

Michael Cklamovski is a Vice President and Private Client Advisor with U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, in Chicago.

Dino Gramatikov is Head of Yield Management in Inmarsat, a leading global satellite telecommunications company. Dino managed Wizz Air’s record breaking Macedonia expansion.

Branimir Zelenikov is an Investment banking analyst at the largest Australian investment bank, Macquarie Capital in Abu Dhabi.

Petar Spaseski is Global Manager at Hatch responsible for Asset Management IT affairs.

Metodija Papazoski is Cofounder and Vice President of EMBS Group, a business intelligence company based in Poland.

Stefan Ivanovski has a Masters in City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. As part of his Master’s project, he worked with a 14-member international team in designing an innovation district for São Paulo, Brazil.

Aleksandar Orovcanec works in the service engineering industry in CSA Group as a Certifier, Electrical Engineer specialized in wiring devices products.

Maria Karanakova is a business professional with working experience with Western Union Business Solutions, Reed Midem/ (RELX) Reed Elseveir Group and Fashion TV. Maria is also a certified translator in French, English and Bulgarian to Macedonian and a keen cook in seaweeds and wild plants specialties.

Vera Lalchevska is a PhD Candidate at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, whose thesis focuses on the political, historical, legal and human rights aspects of the name dispute between Greece and Macedonia.

Allan Castillo has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. He currently heads 3 companies located within Macedonia.

Vahit Alili is an investment banker since 2010 with working experience in Germany and the United Kingdom and project assignments across Europe and the Middle East.

Zlate Kovilovski is a certified specialist in Real Estate Business Funds. He works as a Fund and Risk Controller (Illiquid Fund-of-Funds) at DB Private Equity GmbH, Cologne.

Viktor Gruev is an associate professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.  Viktor has received numerous awards for his research in imaging sensors and their application in the medical field.

Kiril Savovski has more than fifteen years international experience in various aspects of finance. He is owner and co-owner of several companies.

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers has fifteen years of experience in the IT Business Process Management. She works as Project Manager for IT Innovation at IBM in the areas of Mobile Development, Big Data and Watson Analytics.