Thank you for your interest in Helping Macedonia2025 Build a Stronger Nation!

To make Macedonia stronger, Macedonia2025 aims to be one of the leading think and do tanks in the region. Our vision is to establish Council of Experts comprised of 300+world-leading experts who will partner with Macedonia2025 to help make Macedoniaʼs economy, society, and quality of life stronger, both now and in the future. The Council of Experts will be the foundation of our think tank.

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    The frequency of contact would be occasional and concentrated around specific projects. As projects and issues arise, individual Council members will be invited to join virtual teams. Members will be invited according to their interest and expertise. Contact with Members would be through email, phone, and phone conferences. We would also be delighted to have Council Members attend our annual summit, held in November each year.

    Council Members would be listed on our website along with their areas of expertise. Membersʼ participation would not be taken for granted with Macedonia2025 staff checking-in with each member every year or two to see how members can best contribute going forward. The position is pro bono. However, for externally funded research and projects, there may be opportunities to provide some funds for participating Council members.