Macedonia2025 is a non-profit, non-political organization with primary focus on economic and leadership development, working in partnership with business, government and academia to generate opportunities and build capacities for economic growth, therefore helping build a stronger nation

Vera Stavroff

Chairwoman of the Board

Our Vision

International, independent, nonpartisan, non-profit “think & do” tank founded in 2007 by Macedonian expatriates who envision a proactive way of contributing to the economic and democratic development of Macedonia. With headquarters in Skopje and supporters around the globe, we encompass a wide array of programs that enable expatriates to give back to their homeland

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping create a prosperous economic climate and a “stronger nation” that will improve opportunities for citizens, companies, and foreign investors. We promote sustainable economic growth through fostering competitiveness, entrepreneurship, innovation and value-based leadership.

Main Strategic Objectives

“Think” (provide independent perspectives, foster discussion, incite calls to action) and “Do” (execute programs, convene key stakeholders, impact policy) in 5 major areas:

1. Accelerate economic development (Attract Foreign Investment; Support competitiveness of Macedonian companies and stimulate export development; Support the growth of entrepreneurs and start-up companies);
2. Implement education programs that accelerate leadership development and inspire and improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia;
3. Provide the Diaspora an opportunity to strengthen and improve linkages worldwide;
4. Advocate the ideals of transparent, democratic and inclusive society – good for the citizens, good for economic development and good for the country;
5. Maintain and help facilitate discussions on a ‘Country Dashboard’, to ensure broad progress on growth and quality of life is being made and headed in right direction.

Our Core Values

  • We envision programs, advocacy and research facilitating creation of an advanced knowledge and transformation of Macedonia into a vibrant economy
  • We energize the Macedonian citizens, businesses, academia and Diaspora through collaboration, networking and social engagements
  • We evolve the leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial capacities of the Macedonian leaders of tomorrow globally through talent development programs
  • We excel in efficient execution of all programs and maximum leverage of our donors’ support
  • We promote ethical approach to business as a fundamental pillar of a healthy and prosperous society