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Call for applications closed on: April 14, 2023, 23:59

Do you need practical knowledge to improve your business?

Do you have a business idea, but you don’t know if you are on the right path?
Learn all the steps for starting and running a successful business. Apply for the Business and Entrepreneurship Development Training – the LEADER Project.

Macedonia2025 announces an Open Call for the Business and Entrepreneurship Development Training: the LEADER Project, which will be held for the 15th time on May 8-19, 2023 in Skopje. The LEADER Project is implemented in cooperation with the Ivey Business School – Western University, which has been successfully implementing the program since 1991. This program is a ten-day Management and Business Administration (MBA) training that encourages and supports Macedonian entrepreneurs, young managers and professionals to develop local, regional or international business solutions that will create new opportunities for social and economic development.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their business analytical skills and fully develop their business sense. In addition, participants will be able to work closely with the LEADER Project’ instructors to transform their ideas into actual businesses or to introduce innovation in the operations of their already existing businesses. No matter which group you belong to, the LEADER Project will help you get a step closer to achieving your goals!

Target Group

– Participants up to 35 years of age

– Entrepreneurs

– Business leaders

– Company owners

– Young professionals who want to turn their business idea into reality or to progress in their career

– Everyone interested in deepening their knowledge in the field of business and entrepreneurship.


– Excellent knowledge of the English language

– Solid presentation and communication skills

– Having an innovative business idea or a business with growth potential

– Curiosity for knowledge and desire to advance one’s business idea or existing business

– Strong drive for professional growth

– Possibility for attendance each working day for four hours during the two-week training.

Key Benefits:

– You will learn the skills and tools needed to properly run a business through the interactive “case study” learning method

– You will gain valuable knowledge and skills for each stage of business development related to strategy, finance, marketing, promotion, sales and growth

– You will be able to identify the biggest obstacles to running your business, in collaboration with the instructors

– Candidates have access to individual mentoring sessions with one of the instructors or mentors provided by Macedonia2025.

The lectures are prepared and delivered by highly qualified instructors and mentors from the Ivey Business School – Western University in Canada.

Program Delivery Module

The Program is planned to be delivered in-person.

The Program will consist of ten (10) four-hour sessions. Each session includes one (1) case study, one (1) lecture, and one (1) hour of entrepreneurial coaching.

Date and Location:

This year the LEADER project will take place from May 8-19, 2023.

The LEADER project lectures will take place every working day (4 hours per day) in Skopje. The exact location will be announced in due time.

Selected participants will be additionally informed on the training venue.


In order to apply, you need will need to fill-in the Application Form, and attach the required documents within. At the end of the process, you should have submitted:

– Completed application;

– CV in English (Europass or similar format)

– Descriptive short biography of up to 200 words in English

– High resolution photo

Selection Process:

– Administrative pre-selection of the applications is done by Macedonia2025

– During the review process, candidates may be asked to submit additional documents or attend a short interview;

– Selection of successful candidates by expert commission by 18 April 2023;

– Notifying all selected candidates by 20 April 2023;

– Sending the required materials for participation latest by 25 April 2023.

Participant’s fee:

The LEADER Project, a ten-day Management and Business Administration (MBA) training is worth 500 Eur per participant.

Participants’ co-participation fee is foreseen in the net amount of 60 EUR (taxes apply), whereas Macedonia2025 covers the remaining part.

Important Notice: Certificates will be awarded only to the participants who attend a minimum of eight days of training.

Depending on the quality of the applications received, the number of scholarships may vary from the one in previous years.

As our beneficiaries, you are expected to be involved in some of Macedonia2025’s programs and activities in the future.

After a certain period of the program completion, beneficiaries are also required to complete a survey on the impact of the training on their business or in the development of their business idea.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Application Deadline: April 14, 2023, 23:59

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Macedonia2025, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic growth and development in Macedonia, is proud to announce its upcoming Gala event, which will take place in Chicago in September 2023. Hosted by the Macedonia2025 Board of Directors, the Gala will be a fundraising event to support the organization’s programs and activities.

The event promises to be a glamorous and unforgettable evening, with the participation of distinguished guests and high-ranking officials from both Macedonia and the USA. Attendees will enjoy a sumptuous dinner, live entertainment, and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for promoting economic growth and development in Macedonia.

“We are excited to host this prestigious event and bring together individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on Macedonia’s economy,” said Michael Cklamovski, Chair of the Board. “This event is an important fundraiser for our organization, and we are grateful for the support we receive from our community.”

In addition to the entertainment and networking opportunities, the Gala will also feature a silent auction with unique and luxurious items. All funds raised from the auction and the event will go towards supporting Macedonia2025’s programs and activities.

“Macedonia2025 has a proven track record of success in promoting entrepreneurship, developing leaders, and fostering economic growth in Macedonia,” said Nikica Mojsoska Blazhevski, CEO of Macedonia2025. “We are committed to continuing our work and helping to make Macedonia a more prosperous and dynamic country. The funds raised from this Gala will help us achieve our goals.”

The Macedonia2025 Gala promises to be a highlight of the social calendar in 2023, bringing together individuals from around the world to celebrate and support the organization’s mission. For more information about the event and how to purchase tickets or sponsor the event, please email Galena Cunningham at

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Call for applications closed on: 10.03.2023

Macedonia2025 announces the 2023 Open Call for scholarships for executive training at the globally renowned Kellogg School of Management

Since 2017 the Zafirovski Executive Education Program of Macedonia2025, in partnership with the Kellogg School of Management (KSM), provides scholarships for Macedonian business leaders to the globally renowned Kellogg Executive Development Program. The program aims to enhance the competencies and performance of Macedonian business leaders and contribute to the further development of the Macedonian economy and society.

The Kellogg School of Management, since 1908, has been at the forefront of transforming business education. Kellogg is a global business school with a vibrant community of faculty, staff, students and alumni who shape the practice of businesses and organizations around the world. Kellogg brings a blend of theory and practice to its rigorous academic experience, creating a dynamic learning environment. Watch the promotional video of the Kellogg School of Management HERE

The Robin and Mike Zafirovski Foundation support the Zafirovski Executive Education Program. Macedonia2025 sincerely appreciates their dedication and commitment to elevating the development of the future 100 business leaders in the country. By supporting the business leaders’ growth, we hope they become progressive members of Macedonian society and contribute to building a stronger nation.

The Zafirovski Executive Education Program offers three (3) scholarships in 2023 for the Executive Development Program (EDP). Note: the posts are open only for the blended program which combines online and on-site training.

Kellogg Executive Development Program (EDP) trains high-performing managers to become successful leaders. They can learn what it takes to guide organizations through uncertainty and disruption, from general management fundamentals to topics at the forefront of modern strategy. Kellogg EDP provides the most comprehensive general management overview. It’s a unique balance of business school essentials and emerging topics—from digital transformation to design thinking. The curriculum extends beyond the fundamentals to prepare future leaders for the challenges ahead. This intensive program focuses on a highly immersive and supportive learning environment that emphasizes the foundational business skills needed by general managers to understand and lead the workforce in which the business operates, the key functional areas of management, the development, and implementation of corporate and business strategy, and the promotion of organizational learning. With a finger on the pulse of business, Kellogg ensures the curriculum keeps pace with the ever-evolving challenges and complexity of executive leadership.

Program details:

     • The program consists of a blend of live virtual and in-person delivery sessions of the Kellogg Executive Development Program (EDP) delivered by the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA;

     • Rigorous & interactive curriculum (In-person capstone week; distinctive workshop integrating design and business thinking to create an actionable plan; delivered across two months to suit the busy executive’s schedule; modular in design; each week aligns with a core theme; digital-first collaboration and group work tools; managed by a dedicated Virtual Delivery Support Team);

     • Each participant contributes a fee of $8,500 USD, which includes lodging and most meals;

     • The total value of the program is approx. $33,550 per participant (blended experience);

     • Additionally, each participant covers his/her transport cost and visa requirements.

The program additionally offers: Comprehensive Leadership Accelerator Opportunities: mentoring, networking, experiential learning, recognition, and benefits via Kellogg Alumni Status, as well as ongoing support.

Macedonia2025 requirement:

Each participant should: i) prepare and present an individual capstone project for a specific business/challenge in Macedonia and ii) actively contribute to the preparation and presentation of a group capstone project for the betterment of the Macedonia2025 program/activity of choice.

Target participants: 

     • High-performing mid-level to senior management executives on a path to becoming general managers;

     • 10+ years of professional experience;

     • Functional senior leaders who must interface with other functional areas outside of their expertise;

     • Principals of small and medium-sized firms, and entrepreneurs or owners of small companies with growth potential.

     • All candidates should have budget responsibilities and be able to contribute to discussions.

Additional requirements:

     • Candidates must be fully supported by the existing employer.

     • Strong English reading, listening and speaking skills are required.

     • Written recommendations by Macedonian Zafirovski Fellows are strongly encouraged and will be considered. Please see a list of our Zafirovski Fellows HERE

     • We strongly encourage female candidates to apply!

Optional Item: Leadership Coaching Package at a price of $ 3,000

Leadership coaching is provided for those who want to maximize their impact as a leader. You’ll work one-on-one with a Kellogg leadership coach to set personal goals and explore situation-specific leadership strategies. On-site coaching sessions occur during the early mornings, lunchtimes or evenings.

The 2023 Executive Education Programs – The Blended Experience Scheduled Dates
A blend of live virtual and in-person delivery sessions from May 1 – June 16, 2023Live Virtual Zoom Half-Days (May 1-5: Faculty Sessions (Required); May 15-19: Faculty Sessions (Required))
In-Person Full Days (June 3-16: Faculty Sessions (Required) at Evanston Campus, Illinois, USA)

Please visit the EDP’s official website HERE or the program’s brochure HERE for more information.

Three scholarships are available for 2023 (open posts for the blended program only)

To see written/video testimonials from Zafirovski Fellows, click HERE.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you will need to fill-in the APPLICATION ASSESSMENT FORM, and attach the required documents within. At the end of the process, you should have submitted:

     • Completed Application assessment form;

     • EDP Kellogg Application Form HERE

     • CV in English (Europass or similar format);

     • High-resolution photo;

     • Recommendation by Zafirovski Fellow (optional)

Selection Process

     • Administrative pre-selection of the applications is done by Macedonia2025;

     • During the review process, candidates may be asked to submit additional documents;

     • Pre-selection of potential candidates is done by an expert commission by 15 March 2023;

     • Final selection will follow after a personal interview with Mike Zafirovski;

     • Notifying all selected candidates by end of March/beginning of April 2023.

Important Note

The Call is only open to Macedonian executives and managers of companies located in Macedonia, who plan to develop their professional careers in the Republic of Macedonia and contribute to the economic development of the country.

Scholarship recipients of Macedonia2025 education programs in the previous three years are not qualified to apply. Please note that priority will be given to applicants from companies whose employees have not been previous scholarship recipients of this program.

The Open Call for Kellogg EDP closes on March 10tt, 2023.

Looking forwards to YOUR application!

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What a journey it has been to be part of the Executive Development Program 2022 at Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University. Being a scholarship recipient of the prestigious “Zafirovski Executive Development Program” within Macedonia 2025, the privilege is even bigger, because Kellogg is ranked in the top three Schools of Management in the United States of America for 2022!

The EDP surpassed all my expectations. As a many years’ corporate professional in various managerial positions, I was looking for a program that would help me further enhance my leadership and managerial skills and prepare me for the next level of my career.

The curriculum was challenging, but the top-class faculty members were engaging and provided a variety of knowledge and insights. I was able to learn from their practical and industry experiences and apply the lessons learned to my own professional development.

What I appreciated most about the program was the accent on practical application. The program provided numerous opportunities to practice new business skills and apply what we learned to real-world scenarios. This approach helped me to build confidence in my abilities and become a more effective leader. But what is more important is that the Kellogg faculties taught us value-based leadership and the ability for self-reflection because leadership is a journey requiring constant improvement as a key takeaway. With this, we learned how to unlock a new customer’s values more easily in the demanding digital environment.

As a supplement to the academic curriculum, the program offered various opportunities for networking and collaboration with other executives coming from large international companies and various countries worldwide. I am more than confident that this cohort will make a positive contribution as well to my continued growth and development as a leader in general.

Overall, I highly recommend the Executive Development Program to anyone who is looking to enhance their leadership skills and advance their career. The program provided me with the means and knowledge I needed to be a more effective and successful leader.

Finally, I am extremely grateful to Macedonia 2025, its executive team, and especially to Mr. Mike Zafirovski for the opportunity to acquire this priceless experience.

Participant: Vladimir Nikolikj, Ph.D., MBA, General Manager, University Professor
Company: Lycamobile, EU, UKIM

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167 children from the Ohrid region will be able to receive a 3-month training in coding and develop digital skills required for 21st-century professions, thanks to the newly established partnerships by Macedonia2025 and Kasarna Hub Ohrid. As a result, these children will be empowered to become the next generation of leaders in their respective fields.

Kasarna Hub Ohrid is a technology hub aimed at advancing technological progress in Ohrid and North Macedonia as a whole. Previously, there were no opportunities for the youth in the Ohrid area to learn or enhance their digital skills. However, Kasarna Hub decided to offer programming courses for children free of charge. Initially, they planned to train only 30 children with the budget they had secured. To their pleasant surprise, 167 children signed up on the first day of the open call, and another 70 signed up in the following days and are currently on the reserve list. These children come from all elementary schools in Ohrid, as well as elementary schools in Debrca and the lakeside villages.

Macedonia2025 believes that this project proposal is highly in line with our cause and campaign’s goal to support the next digitally skilled nation. With over 160 children to be trained through this project, we believe that they will make a significant impact in the area.

Information about the courses 

The overall goal of the course is to contribute to building a new generation of IT professionals at a young age while teaching them to properly use the digital tools at their fingertips. On the one hand, they will be prepared for a well-paid job, on the other, through programming, they will learn to solve problems, be creative, research, and collaborate.

Target group: 9-15 years

Programming courses (Scratch, Python, C++, MS Office – basic and advanced level, WordPress and Google Apps) The courses last 3 months, twice a week for 90 minutes.

The initiative is made possible through the project Roads Not Taken: Municipality of Ohrid Going Green, Smart, Innovative (OHRID GO), funded by the European Union. The project is implemented by the Municipality of Ohrid and Stellar Solutions Skopje.

More information about Kasarna Hub

Located in the beautiful, but neglected area of the old military barracks in Ohrid, they want to re-invent this part of the city by supporting and working with startups, scale-ups, corporations, the local government and the wider ecosystem to drive emerging tech innovation for positive impact. Kasarna Hub is established and operated as part of the project Ohrid Go, co-financed by the European Union, and implemented by the Municipality of Ohrid and Stellar Solutions. Learn more

We are wishing all young participants success in mastering the courses.