posted September 21, 2018

Macedonia2025 visited iSource – Dynamic and Continuously Growing IT Company in Bitola

As part of our promotional tour in Bitola, Macedonia2025 team also visited iSource – an innovative, dynamic and continuously growing IT company based in Bitola.

posted September 20, 2018

Christian Rupp on Leveraging Digital Technologies to Meet Business Objectives at the MK2025 Summit 2018

Announcing Christian Rupp - Spokesperson of the Federal Platform Digital Austria, Coordinator of the SME DIGITAL initiative at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber as a Speaker at the Macedonia2025 Summit set for 7-10 November in Skopje

posted September 18, 2018

Learn how to Unleash your Leadership Potential with Leading Expert Kevin Murnane: Keynote Speaker at the Upcoming MK2025 Summit!

We proudly announce Kevin Murnane - Professor at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management and Founder of Behtrics, USA as a Keynote Speaker at the Macedonia2025 Summit.

posted September 7, 2018

Ivan Skenderoski – Diaspora Investor: Collaboration with Macedonia2025 will Continue to Grow!

Recently, we had the pleasure to host our Ambassadors Club member and Diaspora investor – Ivan Skenderoski at our office premises in Skopje.

posted September 4, 2018

Stefan Peter will be Sharing his Perspectives on Macedonia as an Investment Destination at the Upcoming MK2025 Summit

This year’s edition of the Macedonia2025 Summit will be happening from 7-10 November in Skopje, Macedonia.

posted August 29, 2018

Macedonia2025 Visited the Premises of Intertec. – Product Development Company in Skopje

With Intertec you don’t get a vendor or service provider, you get long-term tech partner!

posted August 17, 2018

Meet the MK2025 Summit Speaker: Igor I. Tulevski - Cardiologist and Founder of Cardiologie Centra Nederland (CCN)

Igor I. Tulevski - Macedonian born cardiologist, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He finished elementary school and gymnasium in Skopje (place of birth), while earned his medical degree, PhD and cardiology residency at the University of Amsterdam (AMC Hospital).

posted August 15, 2018

Macedonia2025 Visited Taskforce BPO in Bitola

Taskforce BPO: Quality of talent with a wide-range of professional experience across multiple industries

posted August 15, 2018

Ljupka Arsova - Senior Environmental Engineer at Eastern Research Group, Inc. to talk about Renewables at the MK2025 Summit

Ljupka brings an expertise in advanced technologies for renewable energy from waste and working experience from numerous projects around the world.

posted August 13, 2018

Macedonia2025 Proudly Announces Maximilien Lambertson from ‘The Economist’ as Summit Speaker

Maximilien Lambertson is a lead analyst on Eastern Europe at The Economist Intelligence Unit.

posted August 13, 2018

'Seed of Life' is hiring General Manager in the food-related sector

Seed of life is a company founded in 2011 with the main focus on production of healthy and raw, vegan, and gluten free snacks.

posted August 6, 2018

Dragana Ognenovska - Transformational Coach to Talk about what Constitutes the Mindset to a Great Leader at the MK2025 Summit 2018

Dragana Ognenovska is a transformational coach, inspirational speaker, and meditation guide.

posted August 1, 2018

Recap of the Summer Diaspora Business Trip 2018

The Summer Diaspora Business Trip has the purpose of providing young Macedonian Diaspora professionals with a platform where they can reconnect with their heritage, while exploring new opportunities in Macedonia.