Nika Gilauri, Head of Bank of Georgia in Turkey, Former Prime Minister of Georgia

NikaGilauri is the former Prime Minister of Georgia. He is currently the head of Bank of Georgia Turkey’s office and in parallel he is a senior advisor for McKinsey & Company. He is also the founder of the consultancy company Reformatics. 

Mr Gilauri joined the government of Georgia in 2004 as a Minister of Energy and spearheaded reforms in the energy sector, turning the country from blacked out state into the net electricity exporter, eradicating corruption, introducing new legislation, new market rules and new tariff methodologies. 

Due to the reforms led by the Reformatics team members: Georgia jumped from 112th place in 2006 to 9th place in 2012 in Doing Business Report undergone by World Bank.

As a Minister of Finance (2007 – 2009) Mr Gilauri undertook anticorruption reforms in customs services introducing innovative measures to improve services and eradicating any non-transparent actions. Also he led the new Tax Code reform simplifying the rules, minimizing any double interpretation possibilities, and creating a fair ground for entrepreneurs and investors, resulting in introducing of the new Tax Code in 2009. His policies under this tenure resulted in Georgia being the first to recover from recession reaching 6,4% growth rate in 2010.

In February 2009 Mr Gilauri became the Prime Minister of Georgia. In Q2 2012 (when Mr Gilauri retired from the PM position) Georgia’s economic growth rate was above +8% and Georgia was Ranked 9th worldwide by the World Bank’s Easy to Do Business Report (up from 112th in 2006).