George Stamkoski, Founder, Volatile Media, UK

Producer-Director George Stamkoski founded Volatile Media UK in 1994 following a contract to direct reports on the conflicts in former Yugoslavia for UNTV, part of the UN Division of Information. 
George has since produced documentaries, educational and public information media projects for the European Commission, UK Foreign office, educational bodies and NGOs, plus commercials and corporate content for the finance, publishing, travel, events, telecommunications, movie, fashion and music sectors in Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and Australia. 
Specialising in outreach projects that foster dialogue and build cultural bridges across southeast Europe and the Arab World, George’s expertise lies in exploiting multi-media distribution strategies to implement short and long term publicity campaigns.
George has also worked as an actor and associate producer on over a dozen German and British movie projects. He speaks 5 languages and was educated in Australia, Germany and Britain. In 2011 he was one of 12 UK producers selected for the UK Trade and Investment’s Gateway to Global Growth Programme to harness British expertise in delivering corporate, PR and business development services to key export markets.

At the Summit, George Stamkoski will talk about developing the film production industry in Macedonia.