Gazmend Kadriu, CEO of Union Bank Albania

Mr Gazmend Kadriu is the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Union Bank Albania since the start of Bank’s activity in 2005. He is an experienced banker with over 20 years spent in the banking systems of Albania, Kosova and Macedonia, in commercial banking, as well as bank supervision, auditing and consulting.

Mr Kadriu worked in Bank Supervision Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, 1993 – 1998, of which half as Head of the Department. Later went to bank auditing and consulting, including three years in Ernst & Young Skopje, from 2001 to end-2003. Afterwards, he was CEO and Board Member of the New Bank of Kosovo (now NLB-Prishtina Bank) in 2004. Meanwhile he has served also five years as Board member and Risk Management Committee member in Tutunska Banka Skopje, Macedonia.