Philip Nordfeldt, Aviation Expert, founder of Data Talks, Sweden

Philip Nordfeldt is an experienced sales executive in the field of key account management, as well as a competent and knowleadgleble leader in different sales organizations. Philip gained his experience in sales by selling airline companies since 1999. He has led sales organizations for Scandinavian Airlines, Austrian Airlines and for the Lufthansa Group. He is the founder and CEO of Data Talks.

Philip and his different teams have always managed to reach higher market shares and revenues with a lower cost ration than other comparable markets in the highly competitive airline industry.  Philip Nordfeldt entered the big data industry by starting Data Talks. The aim of the company is to improve the sales processes by integrating the use of Big Data in real time. 

The company specializes in evaluating the current offers on the market based on the clients' needs and goes on to purchase and implement the system before training the client to be able to use it. The Data Talks website says that a typical Philip Nordfeldt quote is "Sales never ends, we can always reach higher targets!"