Scott DeLong, Internet Entrepreneur, founder of Viral Nova, USA

Scott DeLong graduated university in 2004 and soon after started doing search engine optimization for a marketing agency. At a website for developers, he came across a listing for the sale of a video content website which said it made $30,000 a month in ad revenue. DeLong went on to start Nothing Toxic where he posted horrifying videos of skateboarding accidents and car wrecks. By December 2005, the website was making $8000 a month from Google ads. A year after Google bought YouTube in 2006, DeLong sold 80% of Nothing Toxic and later on sold the entire site. 

DeLong started Viral Nova in May 2013. The site exploded in popularity thanks to his ability to formulate catchy titles for the content he finds all over the Internet. DeLong’s sense of the work behind Facebook’s algorhitms helps him drive 90% of the traffic from the world’s largest social network. He and three other freelances helped generate 6.6 million visitors only from the United States. The ingeniousness of DeLong is that he keeps coming up with low-cost programming that brings him sizeable profits through Viral Nova. Viral Nova sold for $100 million in July, 2015.

Wondering about how Scott sees entrepreneurship and making money? The answer is in this quote that we took from an interview that he did with Next Shark:  “The entrepreneurial drive isn’t about money; it’s about succeeding and creating something that people love. Those who go into it with money on their minds will likely be looking for the easiest route to riches and ultimately fail.”

Scott Delong will speak at the Macedonia Economic Summit on the panel ‘How the Digital World is Transforming News and Media’ and ‘Entrepreneurs who Build from Zero to $100 million+ and Transform the World of Internet’.