Strategic Objectives for Macedonia Presented at the Macedonia Economic Summit

posted November 3, 2015

Macedonia 2025 will hold our 3rd Economic Summit in Skopje November 18th-20th, bringing together leaders and experts from every sector from around the world for a series of dialogues and commitments to accelerate economic growth and prosperity in Macedonia.  

Since its inception in 2007, MK2025 has been dedicated to creating a prosperous economic climate and “stronger nation” in the homeland, to improve opportunities and innovation for its citizens, domestic companies, and foreign investors.   Key achievements to date have centered around:

  • Attracting/accelerating foreign direct investment and strengthening diaspora linkages, in part through Economic Summits in Ohrid and Skopje, Canadian days Macedonia, and business forums in Toronto, Paris, and Columbus;
  • Fostering the transfer of leadership and management knowhow to produce growth and sustainable performance by entrepreneurs and domestic companies, with education programs now having more than 250 alumni and with our recent Gala Dinner raising more than $1 million for the Education Fund. 

Building on theses successes and momentum to date, the Board decided to step back in early 2015 to re-visit and re-iterate the strategic priorities of MK2025, in order to extend and deepen our impact.   These strategic objectives, to be further discussed at the Summit, include:

1.  Help accelerate economic development

  • Attract Foreign Investment
  • Support competitiveness of  Macedonian companies and stimulate export development
  • Support the growth of entrepreneurs and start-up companies

2. Implement education programs that accelerate leadership development and inspire and improve entrepreneurship in Macedonia

3. Provide the Diaspora an opportunity to strengthen and improve linkages worldwide

4. Advocate the ideals of transparent, democratic and inclusive society - good for the citizens, and good for economic development

In addition, the Board sought to elevate these strategic priorities and bring greater definition to what we mean by “a stronger nation” in 2025, so added a 5th objective around helping to:  5. Maintain and facilitate discussions around a ‘Country Dashboard’, to monitor broad progress on growth and quality of life.  The Dashboard was shaped based on extensive outside support  (including discussions with the Economic Development Boards of Singapore, Turkey and other countries;  interview with former Prime Minister of Georgia;  expertise of McKinsey & Company), and was discussed and approved be the entire MK2025 Board and Honorary Board.   The Dashboard, using publicly available data, incorporates not only the 4 strategic priorities that will highlight the work of MK2025 going forward, but also the initiatives of leaders in government, political parties, business, or academic arenas.   The Dashboard will be briefly discussed at the Summit and available on MK2025’s website later this week.

We look forward to the Summit as an opportunity to celebrate the broad progress of Macedonia, provide a forum for continued acceleration of growth and prosperity, and make continued contributions and progress toward our collective desire for a “stronger nation” in 2025 and beyond.   

The dashboard can be viewed in PDF